Public Holidays in China when teaching English in China

Teaching English in Chinese schools is a great experience and an attractive employment option for any one with a BA degree and holding a Native English speaking nationality. Not only can you earn more money, but you also have many public holidays to enjoy yourself and travel. Public holidays in China usually include lots of festival days. Here are some holidays below:

1: New Year’s Day usually one day off and plus weekends you have 3 days.

2: The Qingming Festal Day (one day off and plus weekends you have 3 days)

3: Labor Day (usually 3 day off and plus weekends you totally have 5 days off)

4: Dragon Boat Festival (one day off and weekends are off)  

5. Mid-Autumn Festival (one day off and weekend are off)

6. The National Day (3 days off and plus weekends)

7: Summer Holiday (public schools usually have 2 months off from July to September, and usually training centers they don’t have holidays at that time)  

8: Spring Festal Day (the same as The Winter Holiday. Usually 4 week’s day off from January to February, except some language institutions)

Besides the public holidays, some schools even provide some holidays such as: Children’s Day (one day off) and Teacher’s Day (one day off).

Traveling outside China

While teaching English in China you will usually have many holidays, therefore, you can spend a lot of time traveling outside China and enjoy the diverse Asian culture which may be very different from your country and broaden your horizons.

Thailand is your first destination because the cost of living is low and the food is very delicious, they have charming scenery and welcoming people as well. Phi Phi Island attracts thousands of millions people every year with its beautiful beach, green sea and the fresh air. Koh Tao is a good place to dive and diving around the island reefs is easy and fun and you can see an impressive variety of marine species. You can spend your time visiting the Grand Palace and learning more about local culture and glamour temples. Cambodia is another country which is similar to Thailand, it is a country full of unique Buddhist culture and traveling there won’t cost you much. Angkor Wat is a wonderful place to visit.

Compared with traveling to Thailand and Cambodia, Japan is quite different as well. Japan is a developed country with developed economy. Traveling to Japan may cost you a lot of money of course. The cost of living is high; the food is expensive, especially in the tourist town. However, Japan is a marvelous country to spend your holiday with their picturesque scenery and Kimono culture. To those who love food especially Sushi, you should go to Japan and enjoy the unique food. Some food you can’t eat anywhere else except within Japan.

Traveling to South Korea is also very popular among those people who teach English in China. Jeju Island is a meet-see place in South Korea with the blue sea water and it’s really romantic. Seoul is a shopping heaven and famous for the beautiful girls. Some ESL teachers prefer shopping when they travel to other countries. Indeed, another “shopping heaven”- Hong Kong is your destination. Products in Hong Kong are cheaper than mainland China and are good quality as well. In addition to shopping, Hong Kong has a lot of modern scenery and many places to enjoy, dine and live in style. Such as: Disney Land, Theme Park and Victoria Harbor. Macau is also very near Hong Kong, after visiting Hong Kong you can take a boat to Macau to spend leisure time in the Casino city of Asia. There are so many places you can travel to when you have holidays.

Book a cheap ticket on Air Asia

When teaching English in China during your holidays you can go traveling by air. Make a plan and book a cheap air ticket on Air Asia. Air Asia provides an on line service and you can book your tickets 2 or 3 months before you go. They offer the lowest prices for flights in South-east Asia:

Activities you can do while traveling in Asia

Traveling in Asia, can offer you many different countries and many kinds of activities. You can swim in the sea on Phi Phi Island; see the sunset in Ralay beach in Thailand, dive in Koh Tao, Thailand, sunbathing in Jeju Island in South Korea, drinking tea, fencing, skiing in Japan and so much more. Many things you can do to make your life different and amazing during your holidays.


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