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About Zhuhai

Zhuhai city, pronounced "Joo Hi" is known as the “backyard garden of Guangzhou” with good air quality and beautiful scenery. Zhuhai is a city which is often the first choice for foreigners as well as citizens in terms of living an enjoyable life, clean air, warm welcoming locals and convenient location. The cost of living is lower and daily life runs at a slower pace than the hustle and bustle of nearby Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Zhuhai is an excellent city to live and begin your teaching career.

Zhuhai has an almost perfect geographical position. 10 minutes walk across the border at Gong Bei (Central Zhuhai) and you can reach Macau (The Vegas of Asia). In addition 0ne hour by boat can get you to Hong Kong and one hour to Guangzhou by high-speed train. Teaching English in Zhuhai is so convenient and you can go shopping in Hong Kong, gambling and high life in Casinos in Macau at the weekends as well as a huge number of amazing local places to visit across the Pearl River Delta region. Many ESL teachers teach English in Zhuhai and live in Zhuhai, they often have a part time teaching job in Macau as well to boost earnings. For those who like living in comfort and want to have a lot of fun, teaching in Zhuhai is your best best.


About jobs in Zhuhai

There are many options for teaching English in Zhuhai ranging from public schools, private language institutions, universities, kindergartens and private tutoring. For people who don't want to commit to a contract or are not interested in Teaching English full-time, private tutoring is the best option. However, for applicants with teaching experience, teaching in an international school is suggested for reaching the higher wages and possibly a stipend for housing. For those who like teaching between Zhuhai and Macao can choose to teach in private language institutions as a part time teacher. Options in Zhuhai can be limited at different times of the year, so we recommend you apply open-mindedly if you are not currently situated in Zhuhai or nearby the city. Generally, on your second year in Zhuhai you will have access to the more lucrative teaching or work options.

Working in Zhuhai

With the new opening of the Hong Kong -> Macau -> Zhuhai bridge, spanning an impressive 26 KM, Zhuhai is a coastal and international city, there are many job options for who come from English speaking countries and hold a bachelor degree. Coupled with teaching experience chances increase dramatically to find better schools and higher salaries. Applicants without teaching experience may be limited on options, we recommend you first check out the Zhuhai jobs at: http://china.findworkabroad.com/jobs-in/zhuhai or first gain teaching experience in nearby Guangzhou; http://china.findworkabroad.com/jobs-in/guangzhou.

A 20 hour TEFL/TESOL is required to apply for a working visa in Zhuhai.

Finding a job in Zhuhai

Online is the best way of getting a teaching job in Zhuhai. The best you can do is to register on our website and apply for jobsVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;"> Jobs in Zhuhai. We also recommend you register with the Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;">reputable local agency Find Work AbroadVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;">. They have many jobs, information and many employers post their job openings on their Direct Employers job board. You also can post your information on the website so that the employer can see your information. If you can’t find a suitable job by yourself, you can turn for some international recruiter to help you, because they have the latest information and familiar with this industry. They can find a suitable job for you faster and easier than you do. The two websites we mentioned above, their service is free and provide you reliable companies and they have already helped many foreigners find a job all over China.

Future possibilities

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a life-long career in teaching or you are trying to earn more money, teaching English in Zhuhai can be a great introduction to this wonderful city and give your future career more challenges. Many schools in Zhuhai are international schools. After you teach one or two years in Zhuhai, you can easily find a job in other cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and Zhanjiang. You can ask higher salary or higher positions when you negotiate with your employer and you get more chances for promotion as well. After teaching English in Zhuhai there will be many great chances in the coming decades to teach English in all cities in China. 

Dongguan,  Guangzhou,  Shenzhen,  Zhanjiang, 

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