Therefore, we have reached the point where you are thinking about changing jobs in China. It can be stressful and can be emotional, but more than anything a transition period that disrupts all your routine occurs, especially if the industry is moving, paper, or city. There are several things to consider before changing jobs in China. Some may seem obvious or significant than others, but everyone needs to be thought through before making that big leap

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You need a work visa to work legally in China. This visa is sponsored by your employer, so if you change employers, you also need to change your visa. Although it not as complicated and time as the application for your first work visa China visa transfer to a new company is not without problems.

Now you take the time enough to renew your visa one go in the same company, but transfer your visa to a new company takes longer. If your current visa is still valid for three months or more, usually you have time to go through this relatively stress-free process. However, if your current visa is almost exhausted, you may run the risk of not having enough time to get everything fixed. Not the end of the world if so, how the office can give extensions on your current visa or give a temporary visa as long as the new visa process has begun. But the more leeway you are given less than a sore head will be. Do you have possession of your work permit?

In addition to having a work visa in the passport, foreigners working in China also must have a work permit card. Some expatriates never actually see these cards or even know they exist, however, as many companies like to keep hold of them. The reasons for this are not necessarily loss. the work permit is needed for a lot of HR processes so it is often more convenient for the office to stick with it.

However, a work permit is important, especially if you are thinking about changing jobs. It could save any potential drama or head aches if you are in possession of your permission when you decide to make the switch. If things get nasty with your employer for any reason, it is best that they can not keep their roles hostage.

There is no reason to be confrontational asking the card. Sometimes it takes for things like opening a bank account or police record, so use one of these as an excuse and get your card in hand without raising any alarm. Are you close to missing an annual bonus would YOUR current work?

If you are working in a Chinese company, there is a good chance that you will receive an annual bonus in the Chinese New Year. For some, this may be a month's salary. For others, it may be six months or more. Either way, there is nothing to be sniffed at. If you are thinking about changing jobs and is close to the party, maybe hold long enough to receive it. Of course, however, Chinese companies are more clued in this trick anyone and payment of the annual bonus can therefore often breaks down and staggered throughout the year, only to freeloaders stop as if pulling a fast.

Alternatively, use the fact that you will lose your annual bonus in his old job as leverage for negotiating the contract for his new job. It might be possible to get a bonus to compensate for the annual bonus is walking away from. Do you have commercial health insurance in your current job?

commercial health insurance is one of the foreign advantages enjoyed some Chinese companies. Having peace of mind, not to mention not having to shell out as much as RMB 20,000 of his own money, is priceless.

If you're in a company that offers such coverage, but you are looking to move on, be sure to check whether the new role comes with something like. The wage in the new work could be higher, but if they do not offer commercial health insurance you may find yourself worse off overall. If that's the case, try to negotiate for insurance is included in the new package or at the least ask for a salary bump to cover the cost of buying yourself.

On the other hand, it is worth getting the most out of your health insurance package now before changing jobs. Most coverage plans have limits on spending, so if there's something you want to get checked out or any other therapy you could do with these caps maximum wait before changing jobs. Have you left any day of vacation?

The annual holiday is like gold dust in China, especially in Chinese enterprises. Make sure you use all the holidays only before changing jobs.

Technically, if you hand in your notice is entitled to take any remaining annual leave, ie can effectively stop working earlier. There is always a chance, however, that his company will ask you to leave immediately, causing it to miss out on the final paycheck and the chance to take some holidays with pay.

Just to be safe, then it is better to use those vacation days before handing in your notice. It may be slightly underhanded, but it is the safest way to get paid leave owed. As China gives employees a few days anyway, you have to maximize when you can.

What else you should consider before changing jobs in China? They tell us in the comments section.


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