With the rapidly developing economy, China has become one of the most popular countries for many expats. Teaching in China is a marvelous experience as well. In recent years, summer camp opportunities have become more and more popular among students. Students like to join in a summer camp to have fun and learning English at the same time, which makes summer camps welcoming during summer holidays. Therefore, China has many summer camp teaching or counselors available.

Most of the summer camps in China are sponsored by the educational bureau. However, nowadays, there are more privately held camp programs. The traditional camps are only open to the selected students within individual school district. In the recent years, programs have started that are open to kids from different background and different regions. There are also programs tailored for international students who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture.


Why choose summer camp teaching in China

Many schools in China offer many job openings for summer camp teaching. Summer camps in China usually begins from July to September. Most summer camps organize students travel to another city, doing some activities in a team, learn some local culture and help students think outside the box and exercise them to be independent. Besides that many summer camp holding for improve students’ ability in English. Teaching in a summer camp, you will have a great experience of learning Chinese language and culture as well as traveling and exploring the amazing cities in China. Coming to China for a summer camp is a fantastic way to spend your summer, travel and earn some cash! 

Where can you find a summer camp job in China?

Many schools in China hold summer camps for their students during summer vacation for the purpose of improving students learning skills and team work, especially in tier 1 cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. There are many opportunities for those students who like to travel to China and learn Chinese culture; for those students coming from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and UK, who would like to spend their summer holidays in China; also for those people who love teaching and plan to begin their teaching career in China as well. The huge market of open positions is waiting for you.


Finding summer camp jobs in China requires you to be at least 18 years old and hold a BA or higher qualification. Native English speakers are required. Usually you will be required to fund your own flight (This is not usually refunded by the school for a summer camp); we recommend flying to Hong Kong if you're working in the South and taking a bus to your final destination.
You'll also need to pay for your own visa (Business/Tourist), the school can help with this if needed.

Some tips

1: Start searching as early as possible.

2: If you don’t have knowledge about China, ask some international recruiters for help. Usually schools will entrust recruiters for hiring. www. Findworkabroad.com is a reliable recruiter you can trust.

3: Make your plan, which city are you going to? What documents you need to prepare?  



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