There was a time when the only careers available for foreigners in China were in manufacturing or teaching. In recent years, however, the country has created a technology industry booming offering a wide range of job opportunities for foreigners. Work in one of these institutions known comes with a number of advantages, both in terms of the daily life-and career opportunities long term. I bring here are six advantages of working in a Chinese technology company

Source :. John Schnobrich 1. Employment completely legal

There are many job opportunities for foreigners in China, but totally legal job search can be more difficult than it seems. Some companies ask foreigners working with tourism or business visas, while others try to avoid tax by paying staff under the table or have not provided social security. Foreigners working in these shady companies risk getting into trouble with the authorities.

The vast majority of China's large technology companies, however, insist on making sure that everything is above board. With the larger resources and more experience in dealing with foreigners, and generally increased government scrutiny, HR departments usually have well-defined processes and good contacts, so that the visa application a breeze. They also tend to help foreigners have access to schemes more illusive government benefits, such as housing provident fund. 2. Integral Health Insurance

commercial health insurance is one of the most important things to have when you're working and living in a foreign country, however, has not yet been provided as standard by the companies employing foreigners in China. All employees must have legal social security, but this can only be used in public hospitals and coverage is limited.

As the great Chinese technology companies tend to hire more foreigners and Chinese who have returned after studying or working abroad, tend to offer employment packages more internationally acceptable. Many of the most important technology companies in China provide commercial health insurance to foreign workers, if not all of their staff. This may include inpatient and outpatient care, VIP access to hospitals, and uniform coverage both inside and outside mainland China.

For those who do not have commercial health insurance in China, a sudden accident or serious illness can cost a fortune. Some foreigners are forced to resort to the expatriate community for help to pay their bills in a crisis, while others return to their countries of origin for expensive treatments. Work in a technology company China's great that offers health insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you will be looked after if the worst happens. 3. The annual bonuses Enormous

China is well known for the annual bonuses paid to employees around Chinese New Year. Local employees work long hours and weekends throughout the year with the hope that their hard work will be rewarded with a Hong Bao at the start of the new year.

In a country where annual premiums are widespread, Chinese technology companies are particularly famous for their great prizes. Rumors are swirling around some major Chinese technology companies pay as much as three, six, nine, even 12 months salary is Chinese New Year. Although Chinese workers tend to get bigger payments (because they are probably lower wages to start and work more overtime), foreign workers can still a huge bag of cherry on top of their salaries. 4. Within the Office and staff Perks

Many Chinese technology companies harbor a strong desire to imitate the biggest names in Silicon Valley, even if you do not care to admit it publicly. This is particularly true when it comes to culture and personnel advantages company.

Many major Chinese technology companies have large and green rooms where employees enjoy high-end dining offering a wide variety of international cuisine, state-of-the-art gyms and group classes and activities throughout the week. Construction Equipment travel to distant destinations such as Thailand or Japan can not be out of the question.

These factors are not reason enough to work a business of Chinese technology, but it is these small details that can make all the difference when it comes to having a good balance between work and life in China. 5. promotion possibilities

While there are still plenty of attractive opportunities for foreigners in manufacturing and teaching in China, these roles are often the beginning and end of the race available in one company. positions in mature Chinese factories and educational institutions are usually occupied by locals, making internal promotion very difficult for foreigners.

In major Chinese technology companies, however, often there are plenty of opportunities for upward mobility. Many of these businesses, while already highly successful, are still relatively new. Roles, teams and even entire departments can appear overnight.

All of these new features have to be filled, and the trend is to promote from within whenever possible. When working in a Chinese technology company, you can enter as marketing assistant, but you will find managing your own team within a few years. 6. A great help for your resume

The final benefit, and perhaps most important, it is to work in a Chinese technology company is a big step in his career. Having a full life sheet China's experience can sometimes be difficult for those who want to return to their own countries after a season here. Company names are unfamiliar with potential employers and work experience can not always be transferable.

Having a couple of years experience in a well-known Chinese technology company is a completely different story. Many of these companies have achieved recognition around the world, that is, your experience will be impressive to potential employers everywhere. Moreover, the skills he learned in a Chinese technology company is likely to be useful in similar companies worldwide. Working in a Chinese technology company can become the cornerstone for work back home ideal.

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