Life in China, especially one of its major cities, often can be very heavy. And when we are overwhelmed, it's easy to feel insecure and unstable. Friends come and go, change jobs, and life in China in general is always changing. However, this sense of flow need not be permanent. Here are six ways to help you feel more stable as an expat living in China

Photo :. Nicolas Henderson Join a club

When left to our own thoughts, things can get a bit hectic and confused. If you feel you have little else in his life, joining a group that meets every week is a great way to meet new people and add routine in your life. If it is a contest of weekly questions in a bar, an exercise class or yoga, or a painting class or dance, committing to at the least a weekly hobby forces to leave the house will help give his life away from the meaning of work and structure. Save for a rainy day

money, in addition to the family, relationships and work, is an important factor in the predominantly stable feeling. Money itself does not make sense, but who has saved can provide a sense of security. Saving money in China is generally easy, especially with the large number of lucrative job opportunities for migrants and low cost of living in most cities. Whether you are putting your hard earned money into an IRA or simply stuffed under the mattress, saving gives you options for the future and ensures that you are not living a day. Find a long term goal

The daily routine can sometimes feel futile; a monotonous routine in an endless cycle, with no real purpose, in addition to getting up and going to work. Identify and commit to a long-term goal while working in China will give your life direction and help you have a more positive outlook. Whether that is oriented results-oriented or process, working towards something that takes time and effort can be an element of mental change. Depending on your target, but can also help shape best daily habits in line with their long-term goals. Work on the establishment of a solid group of friends

Being alone can be great, especially if you live alone, but have a good group of friends when living in a foreign country is essential in the development of a sense of stability. Friends can help keep grounded, give advice, and serve as a sounding board for his tirades when you're having a "bad day China".

The establishment of a solid group of friends in China is a time process that periodically need renewed effort because inevitably people stop consuming. But if you make an effort with old friends, new friends, foreign or Chinese, who have several people to call for a drink will help you feel more secure, stable and happy. Participate in events

participation in events and activities in your community will help the transition from a mere companion of the driver of his life. When attending lectures, art exhibitions, food festivals or other local events, you are becoming an active part of the city rather than just rolling on the ride in his bubble expatriates. Participating in events will also give you a better idea of ​​the city and the people in it, ultimately helping network of job opportunities and make more friends. Stay in touch with people back home

Expatriates living in China often fall into the trap of focusing too much on the day and forget about the important connections back home. In an effort to maintain relationships with family and old friends it is important to maintain a sense of stability, since these are the people you have known all your life and really get what you're about. Expatriates who regularly speak to her home other family and friends around the world are naturally less isolated. And not simply scrolling through Facebook is not the same as actively calling or messaging someone important.

Feeling of instability is merely a way of thinking, but is a form of easy to think of getting in as an expat living in China. We all feel insecure from time to time, either financially, emotionally or professionally, but when it comes down to it, these problems can occur anywhere in the world. Before leaving everything and decide China is not the place for you, see if some changes in lifestyle can not move things in a better direction.


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