With things slowly returning to normal in many Chinese cities and people from all walks of returning to work, what can you do to make sure you are as protected as possible from the coronavirus in the office ? Here are seven things to consider the return to work in China amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

Auto-quarantine and work remotely

After flip-flop on the issue for several weeks, Beijing has become to re-announced that all returning to the city from abroad (yes, anywhere abroad) must undergo 14 days of self-quarantine. Although this probability feels useless if you are returning to China from a country that does not have or next to any infection, your employer may also ask housework during the first two weeks after their arrival.

Some workplaces, especially in schools, continue to operate on a fully remote base regardless, while others are amazing days and hours are employed in the office to reduce personal contact. If you work from home, at the least part of the time is an option, take it and consider yourself lucky.

Self-checking and displacement

If you are going to work, invest in a digital thermometer and check the temperature before leaving home in the morning. If your temperature is above 37 degrees Celsius or feel sick, stay home and take into account the reporting center designated a fever.

If you are able to leave the house, don your mask and try to avoid public transport at peak times. If possible, scoot or cycle (preferably on its own wheels) or take a taxi or Didi, ensuring that you and your driver masked up.

Arrive at your workplace

arrival in your workplace, immediately go to the bathroom and wash hands with soap and water. Clean your work area, including the keyboard and the phone, either with disinfectant wipes or a cleaning product before starting work. You should also have a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk and use it at regular intervals throughout the day.

The use of masks

Despite the usefulness of masks in preventing the spread of infection is extensive debate, which make it prevents touching your nose and mouth which is a common way of spreading the infection. It is also very unlikely that your employer and colleagues leave the office without one.

disposable masks, however, should be changed regularly. Your employer may provide masks for office. If not, several cities have a service that allows registered users can collect a daily fee at pharmacies. Here's how the system works in Shanghai, for example.


The guidelines of the government have asked the workplaces to reduce the circulation of the air, turning off all heating and air conditioning. This place is probably quite agile work at this time of the year, so dress warmly. If you are really suffering, bring a hot water bottle to work and cut the tips of a pair of gloves so your hands stay warm in writing. It is also a good idea to close any doors connection between the office and open the windows a few times a day.

Avoid contact

Beijing has suggested that all workers must maintain a radius of at least one meter from each of the other and have the least 2.5 meters working space private. Try to ensure that your office is configured accordingly and avoid sitting directly opposite colleagues.

If your office is just a few floors above, it is also advisable to take the stairs instead of the elevator. This will prevent a potentially crowded space people and also get some exercise! If you take the elevator, do not squeeze yourself in an excessively tight one, be sure to wash or sanitize their hands after pressing any button.

Time for lunch

By far the safest way to approach the lunch time in the office is to bring your own food and household utensils. If you choose to order fulfillment, pick up your out of the building rather than to bring it to your desktop (this is probably a rule imposed by your building anyway) food. If you will eat, avoid the rush and try to keep your distance from other diners. A return to the office, sure to wash your hands and clean your mobile phone.

Other tips to stay safe and healthy to the return to work in China amid coronavirus? Drop them in the comments section below.

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