Key takeaways from the Trump-Biden debate
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Candidates allowed to talk to each other. They used respectful tone. Even when they launched the attack, they did so in a calm, deliberate manner.

After a debate first fighting, during which the constant interruptions of Donald Trump may have cost him support in later surveys, the president has very visibly marked by the volume - and polemicist much more effective < / p>

This time, the content of what each says may be reminiscent of the American public debate made -. not the chaotic way surrendered

Again, Biden kept largely under fire -. avoid the kind of gaffes and stumbles that could have played in Republican attempts to challenge his age and mental acuity.

The campaign Trump will try to make an issue of Biden's call for a "transition" energy based on oil - a risky throw at the far end of the debate. In an era of hybrid cars and energy conservation houses, however, when the oil companies even use similar language, you may not hit as hard as the Americans imagine Republicans Css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainermargin-left :. 1.5rem;. css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainer

  • Trump and shock Biden in Covid, climate and race
  • and the winner was ... Kristen Welker

    at the end, the first debate strident it will probably be what they remember the history books. And polls show that most Americans have already made a decision - and more than 45 million has already voted -. The possibility that this afternoon has a lasting impact on the race seems thin Covid is central

    The Trump campaign complained that this debate was supposed to be focused on foreign policy - perhaps allowing the president tout what he sees as his achievements in the Middle East, trade and Syria and go after Biden on your child's trade relations to China.

    Instead, to equal the previous debates, which began in the coronavirus pandemic -. an issue of public concern more about American, surveys suggest

    Donald Trump, again, promoting a vaccine, he said, be ready "within weeks". He offered testimony to the power of new drugs to treat the disease and boasted that it was now "immune".

    Biden, logically, launched into the attack. He said Trump had repeatedly promised the disease would disappear by itself. I said there were 220,000 Americans dead and there could be another 200,000 at the end of the year Debate captionPresidential means :. Trump and Biden clash on the answer Covid

    In the back and forth between the two candidates, Trump continued to offer hope that things were getting better and businesses and schools should reopen. And when Trump said people were "learning to live" with the disease, Biden was launched.

    "People are learning to live with it?" I ask. "People are learning to die with him."

    At one point, Trump offered an answer that he said was "maybe just to finish this." The president clearly was eager moving to different topics.

    The inevitable exchange Hunter Biden

    Trump telegraphed early and often that would make Biden's son Hunter in a matter of debate, and it was not 't long before the president brought up the family of the former vice president. He claimed that Biden personally benefited from his son's business in Ukraine and China, citing recent news based on information allegedly obtained Hunter Biden laptop.

    Biden's defense was a general denial, followed by changing the subject to taxes Trump and trade ties with China. That he forced the president to spend time explaining about how they really "pre-paid" millions of dollars in taxes and again saying that someday had to release his tax returns. The exchange, which would require paragraphs to explain

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