Japan: Breaking the taboo of tattoos Your tattoos often feature characters from traditional legends And while some spas, swimming pools, beaches and gyms prohibit body tattoos, photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon met with some of them in one. public toilet in Tokyo. the annual meeting of Aikokai Irezumi (tattoo lovers Association) in Tokyo in February, "is important because tattoos usually hide our society," his head, Hiroyuki Nemoto says.

"But only once a year, we can proudly show our tattoos and show each other what new tattoos that have achieved" assistant author Hiroki Takamura, 62, says: " in the 2000s, tattoo magazines began to increase.

"And women even began to have more tattoos.

"I thought there was no hope that tattoos eventually be accepted as they are in Europe."

But Rie Yoshihara, 33, who works tourists who wear kimonos, still He feels unable to show their father tattoo full back. copyrightKim Kyung-Hoon / Reutersimage captionRie at home in Warabi, tattooist SaitamaHer, Shodai Horiren says: "Your house gets old

". His parents die

"You break up with a lover <.. p>" Children grow up and leave.

"But a tattoo is with you until you're cremated and his grave.

" That's the appeal. " copyrightKim Kyung-Hoon / Reutersimage captionRie < p> Counter Mina Yoshimura, 40, says her husband, Hiroshi: "If I had tattoos and he did not, he would be able to go to places I couldn 't. But image copyrightKim Kyung-Hoon / Reutersimage captionMina touches latest tattoo of her husband, at home, in Tokyo

"because they're both the same, they can go Anywhere together.

"I think that's good."

Mari Okasaka, 48, had her first tattoo 20 years ago.

Now, his son, Tenji, 24, is working to have its entire body covered with color. copyrightKim Kyung-Hoon / Reutersimage captionMari and Tenji at home in Niiza, Saitama

"Some people get tattoos make for profound reasons," she says.

"But I do it because it's cute, in the same way you could buy a nice blouse."

But when Mari leaves the house, which has long sleeves so your neighbors won . 't talk

Tenji says: "Some people probably look at me funny

" But do not pay attention to as "Yes, there are.. times when people think I'm part of a band.

"But do not worry so.

" I'll keep going until I do not. skin has no color "

office worker Hideyuki Togashi, 48, whose leg was amputated he March 2019, says:". I think because tattoos, part of me became stronger psychologically "And because I was so strong, I was able to recover quickly"

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