If there is one thing that a global pandemic that teaches the importance of choosing the right place to live. However, finding the right place can be difficult for many new expatriates who move to China for the first time. How much can you negotiate? How delicate it should be? What's that strange smell? All these questions and more will be answered in this guide novice to rent an apartment in China

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Before you even set foot in any apartment, you have to look at the building located. Most modern apartment complexes in major cities of China are skyscrapers of 30 floors or more, while some older places may be only about 5-15 plants. larger complexes often have a nice garden with lots of local flavor, but maintenance is usually a priority for most homeowners and housing associations. As a result, the usual places almost always have problems with black mold, leaky roofs, and cockroaches. And also new

You might think that you can go to a new apartment to avoid these problems. China's economy is driven in part by rapid construction of housing and infrastructure, so it is quite easy to find a new apartment to move into. The only problem is ... this will probably be too new. Many new places open before construction is finished or are located in areas with other construction work in progress. This means it can also be dealing with noise 24/7 (even at night!) And possible interruptions of life. Ideally, an apartment middle age (5-10 years) to avoid all these problems. Be open to additional bedrooms

Apartments outside the first-tier cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen) are usually quite cheap and wide, which means you can get more bedrooms on your investment . Find a one bedroom apartment can sometimes even be quite complicated and can often find better deals in bigger places, especially when you look at price per square meter. If you live on your own and do not expect many visitors, be creative with your guest room. It could turn it into a hobby room, a gym, or, alternatively, only a storage room as testimony to their hoarding nature and lack of creativity. thoroughly scope out the hood

We also want to look at what is around your potential new home. Ideally, you want to be within walking distance of a Chinese wet market for its incredible fresh fruit and vegetables, but also want to be in the range of a large supermarket to the Western style for better meat and dairy products as well as options some home comforts .

Another major goal should be access to public transport. Chinese cities are huge, so they live within walking or biking distance of a Metro line makes life much easier. Good public transport links will put you in distance work, play and continue the journey, whenever his apartment actually is. Pay close attention to what is inside

Once you've chosen a couple of areas or apartment complexes like, you can start to narrow your search. If you are not sending your own furniture, you will be pleased to know that most of the rents here are fully furnished, including beds, tables, chairs, televisions, air conditioners and washing machines. However, it is likely to need to buy a plug-in oven, dryer and dishwasher if you really can not live without them.

It is worth noting that many Chinese owners and property managers are not large maintenance or cleaning between tenants. It is likely to be displayed exactly as apartments were left by the previous tenants, so expect dusty dirty walls and floors. These tenants may also have been motivated by the hope that your security deposit returned to hide the problems that the owner probably not widely verified. This means you must carefully check that everything works and is in tact. rules should apply video game: If you see something strange or out of place, go and shake to see what's new do not panic about stinky drains

Unfortunately, smelly bathrooms are just a fact life. in China. Most piping systems, even in newly built apartments come without curves U, ie the wet smell of the sewers make its way into your bathroom from time to time. Not usually all the time (sometimes seems to get worse after rain, sometimes no apparent reason), but not much that the owner can do to respect anyway. The best advice, get a strong plug-in air freshener and leaves no smell funky bathroom off by the apartment of your dreams. Haggle like a hero

If there is anything you do not like your apartment, something that needs to be fixed, items they would like or add or remove, or walls to be painted, to try to negotiate as a condition to sign a lease. If what you want is not possible, then you can negotiate lower income, shorter contract longer / lease or smaller deposit as compensation. The only limits are the persistence and flexible are your landlord is willing to be, which is why we recommend choosing a wealthy owner, lazy if you can find one. Either way, prepare to launch a large part of the change

However good you are at haggling is expected to present a lot of cash when a lease agreement first signed in China. The easiest way to find an apartment here is through one of the many housing agencies, as direct sales of the owners are rare compared to the West. In some cities and circumstances, the agent's fees will be covered by the owner, but in other circumstances this will foot part of the bill. Make sure you know where you stand before you start looking.

In addition, Chinese convention usually requires advance payment of at least two months rent and a security deposit, usually another month. This is bad news for those who have no savings, but great news for those who do. The more money you are willing to put down in advance, the cheaper you will be able to get everything in general.

renting an apartment in China, remember that there is no place like home, even if it is only their temporary home. Do not rush, be smart, and make sure you get a fair deal.

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