While teaching English as a foreign language is still the most popular choice of career for foreigners in China, editors and proofreaders abroad are also in demand. In this article, I bring you a brief guide to writing and proofreading jobs in China, covering industries that require such services, experience and qualifications required for these functions, and what kind of expatriate compensation can wait. Get sharpening pens

Source: RetroSupply What is drafting / proofreading?

Let's start with the basics. What does a writer really? What does a corrector really evidence?

Writing (always referred to as content writing) usually involves writing in order to market a product or service. During my previous work in Shenzhen, wrote listed in online markets abroad, such as Amazon and OnBuy for electronic products. It was my job as a copywriter to write a description of the product to convince customers to part with their cash.

Copywriters can also be responsible for writing blogs, social networking messages, B2B communications and announcements, all of which aim to attract the eyes and ultimately generating sales. In short, the work of the writer is to write in a way that sells.

Proofreading (always referred to as editing or proofreading) usually involves polishing pieces written by someone else. As the title suggests, its job is to detect errors grammatical check made, and if necessary, improve and / or change the part to make it more readable. These jobs are particularly common in the media and to some extent in education.

Of course, there are exceptions to the definitions mentioned above, but in general, in terms of writing and editing jobs in China tests go, this is the extent of the typical roles for expatriates. The drafting and proofreading labor market in China

Some key industries tend to dominate when employing foreign editors and proofreaders in China. Each industry has different requirements, so let's go through them one by one.

International Trade

Whether producing electronic products, clothing or anything else, Chinese manufactures of all kinds are willing to sell to foreign markets. And who better to sell to markets that native speakers of the language in those countries?

In his work as editor, can be expected product listings writing for shopping websites, informative and SEO-friendly blogs, messages, social media, scripts for videos and phrases ads. Applicants writing jobs in this industry ideally have an interest in the products sold by the company. After all, if you have no interest in the product, how will you persuade others to buy it?

People with a knowledge of business, such as Master in Business and Administration (MBA) graduates, will be at an advantage. However, it is also possible for those from different backgrounds such as teaching, to enter the field, as long as you can write in a concise and convincing.

In this industry, more foreign language skills have better job prospects. People with excellent market can written English to English-speaking countries; those French to French-speaking countries; those with Spanish ... you get the picture. How many more languages ​​that have the greatest value of a rent you will be.


This is where the correction tends to be in demand. China has a wide range of English language newspapers and its own TV service in English. Therefore, native speakers of English are required to correct articles and television scripts for spelling, grammar, accuracy and style. Proofreaders may also be necessary to edit and resupply parts more closely in order to make them more readable to an English speaking audience.

People with experience in journalism or communications will be at a distinct advantage here, but applicants with any corrections or writing experience can also find success. To the As with many industries in China, native English speakers tend to be the most demanded by the media, while those who speak Chinese, so (so they can communicate more easily with local staff) will be even more desirable.


This is where employment writing and editing test in China are generally referred to as consulting positions, that is, "education consultant". For the most part, these jobs involve proofreading and editing applications Chinese students to foreign universities. Study abroad is now very popular in China for people with minds and the media. This in turn has created a demand for native English speakers to help with applications.

Most of these jobs specify that consultants must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from a college, preferably a prestigious, in the UK or the US .. For example, students who apply to the best American universities want someone who studied at Yale, Princeton or MIT, etc, while those heading to the best British universities Oxford or Cambridge ideally want graduates.

Beyond this, applicants for education of consultancy work should be passionate about higher education. It can also be useful if you sell yourself as a consultant specializing in one or more subject areas. For example, your resume may be perceived as more nuanced if to make clear that he still has strong connections to the teachers and students of their specific course. Salary and benefits

As with many other industries, social interest drafting level of proofreading and employment in China can pay fairly low, generally between migrants who earn between 10,000 and 15,000 RMB (1,400 -2.100 dollars) per month. Those with more experience can be able to push RMB 18,000 (US $ 2,530) and above, especially when it comes to positions and middle management roles within the media. Only senior managers and editors level of experience means should expect to earn more than 25,000 RMB.

A disadvantage of editing and proofreading jobs in China compared to teaching positions is that it also tends to be less benefits as part of the employment package. While many teachers enjoy long paid holidays during the summer and at Chinese New Year, those who work in drafting and proofreading jobs are usually only offered five days of paid annual leave with holidays Chinese during his first 10 years in a company. Editing and proofreading positions also lack other benefits usually offered to teachers as an annual allocation of flight and free or subsidized housing.

In short, do not expect to be treated like royalty as editor or proofreader in China. Those who have no experience will need to start small and work your way up, as is the case in most jobs. Teaching Beyond

The number of editing and proofreading positions in China can never exceed the teaching positions, but professionals in this field are nonetheless in demand. For expatriates in China who are not teachers or simply bored of your current career, which is a reliable industry to clear for. And while you can start with relatively low wages and few benefits, you will quickly acquire a portfolio of work that can carry with your anywhere in the world. Writing and traveling ... now it is not that the dream ?!

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