Are you one of those who want to teach English in China but also wonder what it would be like to live there? It is understandable that going abroad to teach English is both an exciting and daunting prospect, as you are expecting to see new, fresh things you won’t see in your country and you might fear dealing with things you’re not familiar with. Today I decided to add a few pictures online for you adventurous prospective teachers to have a clearer idea of what living and teaching in China is about.


This is what your usual lunch looks like at school, for the price of 2 RMB (approximately 0.3 USD). However, this is only an example as you would have an abundant variety of selections such as pork, beef, fish, or noodles and congee, depending on the school and location. The school canteen would provide teachers breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight meal (Chinese love this), with crazy cheap prices compared to back home.

Here is a look at the bus station in China. It’s quite similar to what you’ve seen back home, although not all of them look like this (some of them are just a bus stop sign without the roof). The bus fare is extremely low in China (1-3RMB per ride) but you may have to experience a crowd in peak hours. It’s always recommended to buy a transport card to save  time bringing enough money from your wallet and the transport cards always offer an even further discount off the above price!

The housing provided by school is mostly a single apartment or a single room in a shared apartment. Your bills are based on your contract you sign with the school and nearly always not included, you either have to pay the bill on your own, or the school is responsible for some or the whole bill. Sometimes, instead, you are not offered housing and instead a healthy accommodation allowance, usually preferred by those who've lived in China before (the amount depends on the area and the city you are living).



Your average Kindergarten class Teaching English to the 3-5 year olds.

The size of class varies from as few as 10 students to possibly up to around 40, and it usually takes up 30-45 minutes a class. If you are teaching in kindergarten, the duration of one class may last 30 to 60 minutes. Computers and projectors have become a standard configuration for Chinese classroom, while air conditioners are usually available depending on the location of the school (Large cities will be far better equipped)

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