When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing to think of to begin the day? Your work to-do ? Your dream last night? The coming exciting holiday? On the poll of a famous site, many Chinese voted for the option “what should I have for breakfast”. This is really not too surprising as food is always an important part of Chinese culture and it applies not only to breakfast but also lunch, dinner and perhaps a sneaky midnight meal – not to mention the constant snack eating in the office all day! Meanwhile, it serves as a perfect dilemma since there is a wide variety of breakfast options in China, especially in Guangzhou, which is renowned for being the “Food Paradise”. If you are new to this wonderful place, try the following breakfasts that frequently appear on the dinner table of Cantonese “breakfasters”!

1. Congee

Congee, also called rice porridge, is one of the commonest breakfasts for Cantonese as it is warm and easy to digest, with toppings such as pork, century egg, Scallop, dried bean milk cream, meatballs and some seafood, adding different kinds of savories into the Congee. If you are sick and lose your appetite, a rice congee without any toppings is a nice remedy because it is often said that it can clear your stomach and make you feel better. However, if you really want to add some flavours into the tasteless congee, the alternative would be dried radish and the Cantonese love doing this as well. On the other hand, a perfect partner for congee is definitely cruller or “you tiao”, consisting of two pieces of deep fried dough sticking to each other. Although this is not specific Cantonese food, smart Cantonese people found a creative way to enjoy this - dipped the crullers in to warm congee. Once the crullers are completely covered with the congee, it becomes very soft and all of the flavours from the congee soak into the crullers, making it incredibly delicious.

2. Noodles

Wonton noodle is a quite a simple dish but takes a lot of effort to prepare: Wontons are made with shrimp or mince held together by a flour wrapper and placed into egg noodles made by people riding a bamboo stick. Although the egg noodles made by riding bamboo stick are not common nowadays, the tradition of eating wonton noodles remains and has become an irreplaceable part of Cantonese life. It is fast, cheap and fills you up! Another common way to eat noodles is dry-fried rice noodle with beef. Although, Despite being extremely tasty, some people cannot get over its oily taste and consider it not a good choice for breakfast.

3. Rice noodle roll

A thin roll made from a wide strip of rice milk, stuffed with toppings from pork, vegetables, egg to beef and shrimp. Upon serving, a special sauce, usually made by season soy sauce and other ingredients, is poured over the dish. This unique cuisine gives you a smooth and moist texture, with a rich bulk of flavours coming from the combination of the stuffing and soy sauce. It is absolutely the breakfast you don’t want to miss during a stay in Guangzhou. 


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