Teaching English in High school (senior secondary school) in Shanghai usually focuses on spoken English, listening, vocabulary, reading and writing with a higher standard than that of primary schools. In addition, mathematics, science, physics are also listed as courses taught in English in some international high schools. Therefore, teaching in high schools in Shanghai you should be knowledgeable. Here are some routines teaching in a high school in Shanghai.


1: Get up at 7:00 am

High schools in Shanghai usually begin at 7:20. Students have a morning reading class at 7:30 to 8:50. After morning reading, the first class will start at 8:00. So you can get up at around 7:00, dressed and have a breakfast at the school’s canteen (usually free). Teaching in high schools in Shanghai, accommodation will be provided, usually living within the school grounds. If you live out side school, apartments are generally within walking distance of the school. Teaching in high schools is easier because you’re not forced to arrive at the office at 8:00 am for office hours every day. If you have a morning class you will need to be there early though!


2: Morning classes from 8:00-12:00

Teaching in high schools in Shanghai, morning classes will be divided into 4 classes with a variety of topics and usually 45 minutes per class. You’ll generally be required to teach at least 3 different classes or grades of varying ability and age group and will usually have classes back to back. Generally speaking, the class schedule is the same in one session, so you can teach according the schedule and re-use your teaching materials for the next class. After you finish your morning classes, you can go back to your apartment have a rest or go to the office to prepare your afternoon classes.


3: Lunch time from 12:00 to 14:30

Morning classes are usually over by 12:00, as mentioned above, the classes are divided into 4, and so if you don’t have an English class at the last period, you can go for lunch at 11:30. From 12:00 to 14:30 is your free time.


4: Office hours and afternoon classes from 14:30-17:00

Not all schools require office hours. How many office hours you have depends on different schools. Some schools need 2 hours every day, some do not. Afternoon classes last until 5:00PM and your whole day teaching time is over and you are free to enjoy your leisure time. You won't have class at night even though some schools require students study at night from 7:00pm-9:00pm.


5: Other

Teaching in high schools in Shanghai is easy and exciting. You don’t need to follow a routine even if the students are all busy. The only thing you should do well is help the students improve their oral English and grades as they need to pass the college entrance examinations.


6: Enjoy your own time in the evenings and weekends

After finishing your afternoon’s class, you have your own time. You can go to the local restaurant enjoy the traditional Chinese food; go to the bar or karaoke with your friends; Enjoy the night life in Shanghai. Once you've had an enjoyable evening, whether dancing, going out, walking in the tranquility of the parks or shopping, you will head home to sleep ready for an adventurous weekend or another fun day at the school.





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