Teaching in China not only can offer you great opportunities for traveling and experiencing exotic culture, but also can offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy  authentic local food. Chinese food includes many kinds of cuisine, such as: Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Dongbei cuisine. Cantonese food is famous for their dessert and Sugar Waters. Hunan cuisine is popular Spicy food and Sichuan is known for their famous Hotpots.

Finding delicious food in Guangzhou

If you're teaching English in Guangzhou you will quickly find out that you can eat many kinds of delicious food every day and there are lots of restaurants on the street. Baiqie Chicken (White Cut Chicken); Chinese Steamed Eggs; Pastries (Gao Dian); Sea food, soup and sweet pork. Unlike other Chinese cuisines, Cantonese usually serves soup before a meal. The soup is usually a clear broth prepared by simmering meat and other ingredients, and cooked on mild fire for hours. You can find Cantonese restaurants on Beijing road, Shangxiajiu road. Some small restaurants offer traditional Cantonese “Gaodian”, their store is very small but the food is delicious and authentic. In Guangzhou usually you can find many restaurants to eat local food. 

Advice on choosing the best place to dine

When you first come to Guangzhou, you may find out there are many restaurants and it can be challenging to make the best choice. Some restaurants don’t offer authentic Cantonese food even though they tell you they are. The best way to find an authentic Cantonese restaurant is to ask your Chinese friends who like eating and often eat outside. Locals and expats who've lived in Guangzhou for a few years generally know where to find the most delicious and cheap local food. You'll find limited and out of date information online, so we highly recommend asking around about this one.

Usually you can go to Haizhu district, Guangzhou, near the Sun-yat-sen university and near the Pearl River. Many restaurants near here offer many kinds of sea food and the food is very fresh. Panyu district is famous for their sea food as well; many Chinese who come from other cities will go there to enjoy sea food. Beijing road has many outdoor BBQ food and lots of stalls selling Cantonese “Gaodian” and “TangShui” (a kind of Cantonese dessert). 

Delicious food you can eat

Outdoor stalls are very popular in Guangzhou when out with friends and it is enjoyed by many foreigners as well. You can go out to “seafood city” in Panyu district with your friends and enjoy lobsters, oysters, Saltwater fish, Seaweed and jelly fish. Going to  Beijing Road or any other small alleys you can find many outdoor stalls and enjoy the delicious dim sum and BBQ pork, eggplant, chicken, oysters, squids and crabs. In China, it is a little different from Europe. Dim sum restaurants and ourdoor BBQ is small and not so spacious but the food is good. Sweet pork, dim sum, tingzai porridge (a kind of porridge with seafood) and Steamed Bread Roll are food you can’t miss when you teach English in Guangzhou 

Price and best time to eat

Dim sum in Guangzhou is cheap and you have many choices. A cake of dim sum usually costs you 3-5 Yuan ($0.60) and sweet pork costs 10 Yuan ($1.60). After eating in a BBQ restaurant you usually need to pay 50 Yuan ($8.04) per head, but it depends on what you eat and how much you eat. It is cheaper compared with eating in KFC. Cantonese food is provided all year round, such as Dim sum and tingzai porridge, sweet pork and BBQ pork. Dim sum is a common choice to eat at breakfast.  

BBQ and seafood restaurants are open all year round no matter what time you come, there will be delicious food waiting for you.


Beijing,  Guangzhou,  Sichuan, 

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