Eating Chinese traditional food is a part of teaching life in China. Each region of China has its own type of food. Sichuan is hot and spicy; Beijing cooking is done with a lot of meat and vegetables (including the most famous Chinese dish of all, Peking duck); Cantonese traditions include dim sum and delicacies like shark's fin soup; Shanghai cuisine is prepared with plenty of seafood and oil. Hunan cuisine is well known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color.

Usually expats can choose places according the taste of local food. In this article we will talk about popular food in Beijing and what food the locals eat everyday. 

Popular food in Beijing

1: Jiaozi also called Dumplings are popular all over China, especially in the North, come fried, steamed or boiled, and are stuffed with just about everything. Traditionally, families make and eat jiaozi for the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Making jiaozi is a social event with a group of people stuffing the dumplings together, the idea being that many hands make light work, and the result is all the tastier for your having participated in the preparation! You can order a plate of jiaozi in a restaurant, or you'll find them served in little snack food joints, often in soup (jiaozi tang). In Beijing, local people eat jiaozi for their lunch or dinner. 

2: Baozi, baozi is a traditional food, which is white color, break-like and filled with pork, vegetable, BBQ meat and many other wonderful fillings. Chinese people eat it at any time of the day, especially for breakfast. In addition to steaming, frying Baozi is another delicious way to eat it. These are great snacks that you'll find all over Beijing in various different sizes and varieties. In Beijing, local people eat Baozi for their lunch or dinner instead of rice. “Goubuli” Baozi is famous in Beijing and all the North of China. When you teaching in Beijing, you should come and eat it.  

3: Peking Roast Duck. Peking Duck has the reputation of being the most delicious food Beijing has to offer. Eating Peking Duck is seen to be one of the two things you are absolutely supposed to do while teaching in Beijing. The place that offers the best Peking duck is the Quan Ju De Restaurant, which has outlets at Qianmen, Hepingmen and Wangfujing. It was established 130 years ago. Another famous restaurant offering Peking duck is the Bian Yi Fan (Cheap Restaurant), which opened in 1855, nine years earlier than Quan Ju De. At Bian Yi Fang, roasting is done in an enclosed container fueled with crop stalks.

4: Imperial court food. Imperial Court Food is a style of traditional Chinese food that has its origins in the Imperial Palace. It is based on the foods that were served to Emperors and the court at the past. Imperial court food means the food cooked by chef in the traditional restaurant opened in Qing Dynasty. Fang Shan in Beihai Park and Ting Li Guan in the Summer Palace are the best ones. When you visit the Imperial Palace, eating Imperial court food is an inevitable part of it, even though; this dish is a bit expensive. You should eat it once time in your life when teaching in Beijing.

5: Hot pot. Hot pot in Beijing is popular as well because the winter in Beijing is very cold and people love to eat hot pot to keep warm. The flavor of Beijing Hot pot is a bit different from Sichuan hotpot and Cantonese hotpot; it has more local color and typical Beijing taste. Generally, hotpot is common all over China in cold winter. In addition the way to eat hotpot and the food is different. Whilst teaching in Beijing, you should try the local Beijing hotpot.


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