"Thinking about teaching English in China? Get ready for an adventure! You'll discover a new way of life and culture while helping bridge the language gap between China and the world. But before you take the leap, consider these interesting and uncommon points:

You'll master chopsticks, forget utensils - they're not the norm in China. Don't worry, friend. You'll be chowing down on your favorite Chinese cuisine in no time. Trust me.

You won't just gain new knowledge, but a unique form of modesty as well. So go ahead and embrace the experience, it'll be worth it!"
Let me explain: in China, showing reverence to elders and higher-ups is highly esteemed. As an outsider, you'll be required to display respect and humbleness towards your peers and pupils. However, that's not the only thing.
Brace yourself for a new style of communication too.

Prepare to sharpen your ability to express your ideas in a manner that deviates from your usual approach.
Perhaps, this endeavor will grant you an entirely novel outlook on how to communicate with others efficiently. Moreover, in China, nonverbal communication is as crucial as verbal communication.
Thus, you'll acquire the skill of interpreting body language and facial cues to interact effectively with your pupils and coworkers. Lastly, brace yourself to encounter a dissimilar pace of living.
China is a fast-paced country, and you'll quickly learn to adapt to the hustle and bustle.
You'll find that everything from transportation to daily errands is done at a breakneck speed.

  • You'll gain a new perspective on the world.

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