The main epidemiologist of China Zhong Nanshan. [Photo Photo provided to]

The outbreak of the Delta variant of Coronavirus in Nanjing will be under control in a few weeks, Zhong Nanshan, the main epidemiologist in the country, said on Saturday.

He also launched the last results of the research confirming the effectiveness of the vaccine made by China against the mutated virus.

At a conference on indoors air purification held in Guangzhou, Zhong summarized the characteristics of Delta infections in Nanjing and gave him the conclusions of him by containing his diffusion.

Compared to Guangzhou sporadic outbreak In May, the situation in Nanjing was more complicated, Zhong said, pointing out the broader distribution of infections.

With respect to the Delta variant, the concept of close contact was also updated, because the new variant comes with a higher viral load on a person's body and is much more contagious, Zhong said.

Zhong said the close contact definition for Delta has been extended to include anyone with exposure to a confirmed case in the same room, workplace or building within four days after the start of the symptom. The update has led to a significant change in management methods.

Recently, the severity and contagion of the Delta variant have raised concerns about the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines. Zhong's shared research results were based on preliminary statistics of Delta patients in Guangzhou showing that Chinese vaccines offered protection against the new virus.

The protective effect of the China vaccine in cases of severe symptoms was 100 percent and moderate protection, mild and asymptomatic patients were 76.9 percent, 67.2 percent, and 63.2 percent , respectively.

To defeat the pandemic, Zhong emphasized the protection measures in the communities and the establishment of the immunity of the flocks. In China, the herd immunity can be achieved after 83.3 percent of Chinese are inoculated, Zhong said.

Feng Xiaojie contributed to this story.

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