Guangzhou has earned the reputation of “the Paradise of delicacies” since old times, the diversity and the number of restaurants are second to none within the nation. Want a bite of good food in Guangzhou? Here is a list of famous restaurants that may be your potential dining places during the tour of Guangzhou.

1. Guangzhou Restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant sits at Wenchang Road, being well-known for its Wenchang Chicken whose creator is a renowned chef Liang Duan. Located in the old town of Guangzhou, the restaurant has a very long history dating back to 1935, providing traditional and authentic Cantonese food. The highlight dishes are Wenchang Chicken, Fried Milk, Shrimp dumplings, Steamed Guiyu fish, Durian Crisp Cake. 

Address: 2 South Wenchang Road, Guangzhou

2. Bingsheng Restaurant

Bingsheng Restaurant is one of the most well-received restaurants in Guangzhou and gains high prestige among the locals. The decoration is simple, elegant and full of Chinese features. The main hall is a bit noisy, just like some of the other Chinese restaurants. The food is well-acclaimed, with highlights such as Black Roasted Pork, Icy Fresh Shrimps, Seasoned Geese Intestines, Roasted Goose, BBQ Pork's Neck, Jin Sha Sweet Dumplines and so on.

Address: the south of Haiyin Bridge, 33, Dong Xiao Rd., Haizhu District, Guangzhou

3. Wuxi Restaurant

In Cantonese, “Wuxi” (吴系) sounds exactly the same as another “Wuxi”(�??系) which means “Not”. So if you read the name in Cantonese, it will mean “not a restaurant”. It is said that the surname of the Boss of restaurant is “Wu” (吴), hence he has a strange and funny idea of naming it “Wuxi” (�??系). The décor is mainly based on low-graded Cantonese restaurants dating back to 70s to 80s, bringing back the memory of the life from that century. The recommended food includes Durian Crisp Cake, Shrimp dumplings, Rice Rolls, Pineapple Bun, Roasted Ribs, Sourdough, Icy Milk Tea, Won Ton Noodle and so on. 

Address: 103-107, B1, East Tianhe, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

4. Panxi Restaurant

Panxi Restaurant, established in 1947, is located adjacent to Liwan Lake, has attracted lots of diners all over the world due to its garden-like architectural complex and exquisite food which has won several cooking competitions. The long-established restaurant not only offers authentic Cantonese dishes and but also beautiful landscapes, which are often praised by diners. If you want a wonderful dim sum experience, this is a must-visit place for you. The signature dishes are Eight-Delicacy White Gourd Cup, Garden Delicious Juice Chicken, Green Grass-White Rabbit Dumpling.

Address: No. 151, Longjin West Road, Guangzhou.

5. Lei Garden

Lei Garden is a very popular top tier Cantonese style restaurant. Usually a booking is needed, or you will have to wait a little bit. The decoration is nice and simple. The Cantonese dishes are of high quality and the ingredients are fresh and all come from their own farm. The well-trained staff offer excellent table service. The iconic dish is Roasted Duck, which requires advanced booking due to its slow cooking time and complicated preparing work. The Dim Sum is strongly recommended as well.

Address: Yian Plaza, Jiansheliu Road, Guangzhou


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