My experience of serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in China was a truly life-changing experience. It was a time of intense language learning, cultural integration, and teaching. From the raw, fiery baptism of my first days to the fondness I have for my students, my time in China was an unforgettable experience.

Located in Xindu, Sichuan Province, I was stationed at a university to aid students with their English and showcase the optimistic aspects of American culture. From this experience, I rapidly comprehended the significance of maintaining an open mind and possessing a sense of humor when residing in a foreign culture. Furthermore, I received instruction on how to guide language courses and was presented with the opportunity to educate a congregation of over 30 college-aged learners. Witnessing my students exhibit a remarkable eagerness to learn filled me with a sense of pride; I was elated that I could generate a positive impact in their lives. My time as a Peace Corps volunteer in China served as an incomparable education in comprehending and embracing diverse cultures.

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