The Green card permits permanent residence for foreigners in China. There is no limit on the duration of residence in China for Chinese green card holders. Holders can enter and leave China only by means of their passport and green card, and they do not need to apply for a visa at all. Yes, no visa needed for foreigners in China! Carrying out of the green card policy not only facilitates the entry and exit of foreigners, but also eliminates many complex procedures. The Green Card offers foreigners the same rights as Chinese citizens, including trading on the stock market, purchasing multiple properties and allows foreigners to enter China through the same line as mainland Chinese citizens at the border gates.

The Chinese green card is one of the toughest in the world. Not every foreigner is qualified to apply for a green card. But how to apply for your green card in China?

Green Card PRP Type:

Green cards can be divided into investment, employment, seeking family reunion with parents, dependants and excellent foreigners. Foreigners applying for green cards must meet one of four conditions.

1. As a senior foreign expert to promote China's economic, scientific and technology development and social progress.
2. Big direct investments in China.
3. Those who have made significant and outstanding contributions to China and the special needs of the country.
4. Foreigners come to China to stay with their families, such as couples, minors and the elderly.

On the basis of the law, foreigners who apply for green cards must reside in China for at least 90 days, and must apply to provinces, autonomous regions and cities directly under the local government where they live permanently. If a foreigner cannot stay within the prescribed time, he or she shall apply to the Public Security Bureau and obtain the approval of the local people's government. The period of stay of foreigners in China shall not be less than one year in every five years.

Chinese Green Card Required Materials:
1. Applicants should faithfully fill in the application form for permanent residence in China.
2. Four recent two-inch front crown-free color photos. (Light blue background)
3. Applicants fill in the application form for permanent residence of the foreigners in China truthfully and effectively. If it is a foreign language, the translation company is required to translate it into Chinese. (The validity period is six months from the date of application.)
4. No criminal record in China. (The validity period is six months from the date of application.)
5. Health certificates issued by health and quarantine organs designated by the Chinese government or foreign health and medical institutions certified by Chinese embassies and consulates in foreign countries. (The validity period is six months from the date of application.)

Chinese Green Card Term Of Validity:
The validity period of the Green Card is divided into five years and ten years. Five-year valid certificates shall be issued to minors and ten-year valid certificates shall be issued to adults.

Benefits For Cards Holders:

1. In addition to political rights, foreigners holding Chinese green cards enjoy the same rights and duties as Chinese citizens in other fields where the law provides otherwise.
2. Cardholders can enter and exit the country without a visa.
3. PRP holders are free to work in China without restriction.
4. The holder can invest directly with legitimate funds.
5. Participation in Professional Qualification Assessment and Examination.
6. Children of green card holders can receive compulsory education and enjoy the same right as Chinese citizens.
7. Policy holders have the right to participate in social insurance.
8. Have the right to buy commercial houses for personal use or live in China.
9. Holders of bank cards, insurance, securities and futures or other financial services shall enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens.
10. Ticket holders enjoy the same ticket prices as Chinese citizens for parks, entertainment or other forms of consumption.
11. The People's Republic of China's legal identity certificate is applicable to boarding domestic flights, buying train tickets and checking in at hotels nationwide.
12. When applying for motor vehicle registration and license, it shall enjoy the same treatment as Chinese national.

Green Card Will Be Cancelled In any of these 3 Cases:
In one of the following cases, the green card is revoked or declared invalid.
1. Considered likely to endanger national security or interests.
2. A people's court orders deportation.
3. Handling household registration by forged materials or other illegal means.

On the basis of the Entry-Exit Administration Law, Chinese citizens residing abroad who wish to return to China must apply at the Chinese embassy, consulate or other institutions entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They may apply through their relatives in China or to the public security organs at or above the county level in their proposed place of residence.

If you want to stay in China for a long time, the Green Card is something to work towards. Thanks to a number of new government policies the green card for foreigners is becoming more accessible with the number of successful Green Card applicants increasing every day.

Obtaining one will take a lot of government leg work and requires significant time and effort to get the approval. We do recommend trying for one after you've been paying taxes in China for 3-5 years on residency visas.

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