It is known that Guangzhou is one the largest trading centers in China because of its geographical advantage and preferential policies. Walking on the street, you will find that shopping malls, brand-name stores and pedestrian malls are everywhere. You will be amazed by the ranges and the low price of the goods. There are lots of wholesale markets in which you can find special goods with negotiable prices. It is hard to resist the allure of shopping in this so called shopper’s heaven. Here I have collected some famous shopping sites for foreigners and hope it can give you some ideas of where to shop in Guangzhou.


1. Tee Mall

Tee Mall is the most popular mall in Guangzhou. You can buy anything from high-end to low-end; Clothes, make-up, shoes etc of all brands spread through this modern eight-floor mega mall. On the 7th floor, there is an outlet which has many special sales for famous brands. If you prefer a comfortable and relaxing place to shop, it is a good choice since it is located under one roof and there are a number of good restaurants to relax and have meals.


2. Beijing Lu

It is probably one of the most favored shopping streets in Guangzhou. Tourists can shop, eat and have fun in 238 stores all within an 800 meter walk. Beijing Lu is usually crowed by thousands of local people and has a large number of stores selling all kinds of items. Especially on the weekends, you may have to “fight” for a place to walk with other pedestrians and fence off the street vendors trying to sell you cheap knock-offs, which may be of a little annoyance but certainly adds to the hustle and bustle of culture all around this area. In addition, there are a lot of fancy shop signs, avid sellers shouting out and fun advertising activities, which gives you an opportunity to experience Guangzhou’s special shopping culture. Another thing makes it differ from other shopping sites is that there are remnants of the main trade road having over 500 years history. It is a nice addition to your shopping and worth walking around and taking some photos.


3. Zhuang Yuan Fang

It is recommended going to Zhuang Yuan Fang if you fancy a little Guangzhou culture in your shopping. In the commercial district here, history is the most eye-catching element and you will not get enough of it, because the stores are all built in the traditional historic building – arcades – which are specialties of South China. The whole street is full of historic decoration as well. Vendors here mostly sell cheap clothes and shoes but you should be cautious of knock-offs. The street is also pretty narrow and crowded so safety should be put on the priority when you are shopping.


4. Wende Road

Wende Road is constructed from North Song dynasty and since then it has been an important cultural street in Guangzhou with being called “Guangzhou No.1 Culture Commercial Street”. Over 300 stores, selling different sorts of stationery commodities, spread throughout the street. If you are looking for cheap or Chinese style stationery. It is sure to be the best choice.


5. Antique Xiguan Street

If you are a collector of antiques especially Chinese ones, you cannot miss this place. The market has many shops selling everything antique from ceramic teapots to Tibetan rugs.


6. Jade Street

Why not go to Jade Street if you are searching good Jadewares for gifts. It is filled with thousand of shops selling Jadewares. You definitely can find the one you love there.

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