I learned a lot in the last two years as a single woman expatriates 24 years in China. Chinese culture dating has some very unique qualities, but also analyzes some modern western social norms. China is a country that connect culture and coexist pressure to marry, so how can navigate these confusing contradictions? I hope this article will shed some light on dating, relationships and the safety of my fellow expatriates singles in China


Let's break below: There are many individuals in China?

Being Single in China is a totally different experience for men than for women. Thanks to the one-child policy, which applies strictly to the principles of 80-2015 (and replaced with a policy of two children), men outnumber women by a disturbing trend of selective abortion. There are about 34 million men more than Chinese women, which obviously gives single women (straight), both expatriate and Chinese, many men to choose from. What's it like being a single young woman expatriates in China?

Although you will notice that there are many foreigners who come to China as a pair, are not as numerous solo adventurers. A little exploration will show that you are not alone as a single expats in China.

There are plenty of opportunities to get out and meet new people, and "Ladies Night" Culture is prominent in the bars and clubs in major cities. If you're nervous about going alone to a bar or restaurant, not fear. I think it's a relaxing and liberating experience that allows me to enjoy all the flavors of the food or drink at my own pace, do some people watching and observing my surroundings.

If this is the first time out alone or still feel nervous, carrying more than your phone to commit to while you eat / drink. You can bring your laptop, Kindle, study materials Nintendo switch, sketchbook, notebook or whatever hobby you have. This will not only make you feel more comfortable, but also makes an easy way to start the conversation with others who share their interests.

professionally, you can find advantages and disadvantages of being unique in China. Young women in China are the realm of patriarchy is strong, the same as in the Western world, but young single women actually enjoy more job opportunities that young married women without children. This is because employers assume this last will become pregnant at any time.

On the other hand, is likely to be subjected to many questions from colleagues about their marital status and why you're alone. Women in China are under pressure to marry early and coworkers may be curious about your situation. Try to answer any questions honestly and without defensive hostility. A conversation with his bachelorhood will give you the opportunity to understand the most demanding expectations of Chinese women and share a different perspective of their country of origin. Are all single foreign men are only interested in dating Chinese women?

No, but it might seem that way. Certainly it is more common to see foreign men with Chinese women than it is to see a foreign woman with a Chinese. If you choose to use applications dating in China, you can laugh at yourself when you see how many foreign men have written their biographies completely in Chinese. Phrases like "I can speak Chinese" or "looking to improve my Chinese" are also common. Do not let this discourage you! If you like the look of someone, try to make contact anyway. What have you got to lose? The Chinese men want to go out with you?

Of course. A monolith passing cities like Beijing and Shanghai cities or smaller towns, you will find that your factor "exotic" grows. If there are fewer expatriates living near you, you will immediately notice the growing interest of Chinese men, which is great news if you're that way inclined. A word of warning, though: If you decide to go out with Chinese men, you may find some are more interested in practicing their English or just experience being with a foreign woman to commit to a relationship.

If you are not interested in Chinese men for whatever reason, consider open to the possibility of dating someone with a different nationality or origin to yours. You will be given the opportunity to learn about a new culture and grow in ways that might not be possible to return home. Do you feel safe in your own at night?

Of course. Chinese cities are generally very safe for everyone, including young women. Parks come alive at night with elderly Chinese citizens dance, play badminton and socializing, and most city centers are well lit and, for better or worse, filled with closed-circuit cameras.

If you're lost or threatened, you can feel comfortable asking virtually anyone for help, and you will find the police are extremely friendly towards foreigners, even if they can not speak English. But of course, use common sense. Keep your head up and off your phone when walking at night, do not go to private places with strangers and always drink responsibly. Do's and Don'ts: A brief summary of life unique navigation in China

Do: Get out there! If you are inclined to give online dating a try, Western applications like tinder and Bumble they are popular here, as is the Chinese Tantan application, although the latter tends to be more popular among foreign men seeking women Chinese date. If that's not your scene, go to a bar or restaurant and start a conversation with an attractive stranger

:. I be afraid of being forward! If you like someone, it is obvious. In the same way, if you are not looking for a serious relationship, they make it known. Some Chinese men can have a good first date as a strong signal that you are looking for a long-term commitment, as this will probably be your experience with contacts with Chinese women. There is nothing wrong with letting your date know that you are not looking for a boyfriend

Do :. Expand your horizons! Dating someone from your country of origin could feel comfortable, but getting out with a local Chinese or an immigrant from a different country will give a totally different experience

:. Undaunted. There are literally hundreds of millions of people in China from all corners of the Earth. If the date - casual or not - is not making you happy, there is no reason to settle. Reflect on their time together and move on. Thanks to the side

Do: Remember that dating is not all. There are a lot of amazing experiences in China that can be enjoyed with friends or on your own. meaningful connections, and not necessarily the romance, they are what will make you happy.

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