Beijing - Chinese researchers have discovered that the modern yellow river began to train 1.25 million years ago, according to an article published in the journal Science Bulletin.

Research on the history of the formation of the Yellow River River and its driving mechanism can provide vital evidence to help us understand how the interaction between the structure and the climate molded the geographical environment pattern of China, Wang Xin said professor at the University of Lanzhou.

He said that Sanmenxia, ​​as the last gorge along the mainstream of the Yellow River, plays a key role in the study of the formation and evolution of the Yellow River system.

A research team of the University, together with the Institute of Geology under the administration of earthquakes in China (CEA), the first monitoring and application center under the CEA, the Shimane University and the University From China's geosciences (Wuhan), he conducted an environmental investigation and collaborative research in the center of Sanmenxia basi n

The researchers also proposed that the accelerated decrease in eustatic sea level during the transition of the middle Pleistocene may have played such an important role as tectonism to boost the birth and evolution of the modern yellow river. P>

This research provides a new perspective for the study of the history of evolution and the development model of the water systems of the main rivers around the world.

Beijing,  Lanzhou, 

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