Guangzhou is a city full of wonders, when you teach English in Guangzhou you can find many interesting places and goings on. First and foremost, their language and culture is unique compared to the rest of China. Cantonese spreads across from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and is distinctive from “Putonghua” or Mandarin in food, language . Guangzhou is an international city with lots of bars, clubs, and evening venues. You can enjoy a range of night life after class and at the weekends. 


Without a doubt, when we are talking about night life, bars are inevitable part of it. Hanging out with friends in a bar, drinking and talking, making new Chinese friends. Imagine a night of leisure, in one of China's most international, bustling cities. Going out to a bar at night is becoming a new way for locals and foreigners to socialise together.

There are many bars in Guangzhou, located at: Yan Jiang Road Bar Street, Huan Shi Road Bar Street and Bai Er Tan bar street, among them; Yan Jiang Road Street is the most representative and attracts many foreigners and local youth, like New Face, HEIHEI, and True Colour. These bars are good places to meet a great variety of people and have a great time.

True Colour is located at Yan Jiang Zhong Lu, right beside the river; it has a wide range of songs from RnB to techno, its great one a lot of young people hang out here. The other one is HEI HEI, located in Haizhu square great RnB- club! Haizhu square station exit D (subway station). The crowd is amazing, mixed equally between foreigners and locals. Many bars offer different kinds of shows and activities to enjoy. However, some bars get a bit wild as the night goes on. If you prefer quiet bars, Tao Jin Road Bar Street is your choice. Order from a range of international and local drinks; enjoy live bands and relaxed music at some of the best Guangzhou bars.   


Café 's are another place you can go at night; many expats go to Starbucks when teaching in Guangzhou. Of course, there are many cafés in Guangzhou with quiet and good environment located everywhere. You can stay as long as you want and prepare your class or reading an interesting book or chat with your home friends on line. If you like to draw, you can stay in the café and have fun drawing.  


Shopping at night is a popular activity for local people, and it is more and more welcome among expats because wandering in Beijing Road offers an insight into Guangzhou's history and is a nice place for shopping as well. The skyline, the old heritage and young couples are a part of the night life. Eating Lamb Kebabs while walking around in Beijing Road is a unique experience you won’t have at home. In addition, many small alleys in Guangzhou are full of lots of street stalls; you can’t miss these places as they are a true way to know Guangzhou’s local people. Such as: Shangxiajiu Road, Tiyuxilu, Shangshe, Dongpu town and so on. These places are all located in Tianhe district. For expats who are teaching English in Tianhe can come to have a look and you will quickly learn about the people in Guangzhou, who are lovely and interesting. Sometimes you can buy souvenirs very cheap as well.    


Chinese people like karaoke and they take this activity as one of the main ways of entertaining their guests or friends. Once you are invited to go to Karaoke, I highly recommend going along even if you feel it's not your style. Karaoke in China is far different to the west! Chinese people like to call these karaokes, KTV's. Usually they say: "Let’s go KTV!" At this time they will be full of passion like an actor on stage. In fact, karaoke in China takes place in a private room with only a few people who are good friends so do not worry about singing in a crowd. There are many KTV parties on the street, especially in bustling commercial streets.  You can find them everywhere. Karaoke is a new way to get away from stress and enjoy your leisure time. Don’t be shy to sing it loudly when you go to KTV with your Chinese friends, the louder the better in Chinese culture!


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