LHASA - A team of international scientists announced that they have discovered a group of dinosaur footprints in the autonomous region of Southeast China Tibet.

The team consisting of experts from China, the United States and Germany were about 99 footprints in Sandstone in the city of Qamdo of the region.

According to his findings, published in the Academic Journal Historical Biology at the beginning of this month, these traces were left ranging from 22 cm to 99.3 cm in length. By large, medium and small sauropods that date back to the average jurassic period, about 176 to 161 million years ago.

Scientists estimate that these dinosaurs measured 22 meters, 10 meters and 5 meters long, respectively. .

These traces will enrich the dinosaur records in Qamdo, Xing Lida, main investigator of the team and a professor associated with the University of Geosciences of China, told Xinhua on Monday.

Xing noted that the site of the great footprints is a MOUS tourism attraction and has become part of a folk legend, since the locals believe that the footprints of the sauropod were left by the mythological warrior King Gesar.

"This belief also helps keep tracks intact," said Xing, adding that the footprint site has a huge sculpture of sauropod nearby to draw dinosaur fans.

From 2017 to 2019, the research teams of the Chinese Science Academy and the Geoscience University of China carried out explorations in the area, finding multiple sets of the traces and collection of detailed data, according to Xing.


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