As the development in China increases, English is becoming a more useful language in business and daily life. Therefore teaching English in China is very popular for many expats. To be an ESL teacher is their first choice. The job market is very huge. The children need to learn English when they come to the kindergartens, since the parents believe that English will be very useful in many fields in the future. In high school, many students want to go abroad to university after they graduate from high school, usually before they are accepted, they need to pass the English exam and can speak English very well. Some adults will spend their time in learning oral English in a training center at night or on weekends. However, even if there are many job openings in many cities in China, you need to know some conditions to become an ESL teacher.

1: A BA degree is required. 

Many training centers, kindergartens and primary schools demand a BA degree, particularly in universities. If you have a BA, it means that you get more opportunities and have more chances to choose which school you like. When you negotiate with a school, you can ask for higher salary. Otherwise, if you just have a diploma and teaching experience it will also be possible to find a job teaching English in China but you will have less opportunity available and you should not expect to get a working visa.


If you want to get access to better schools and more pay, a TEFL or TESOL is necessary. Usually teaching in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, they all require a TEFL or TESOL. Besides that, your TEFL course will also teach you how to keep on improving once you start teaching, meaning that teachers who have done the course learn more from each week of actually teaching than teachers who have no training. Outside China, TEFL or TESOL is widely accepted. If you don’t already have a TEFL please check out our courses at a discount:

3:  Experience

Experience can make you more charming. Many schools would prefer to hire a teacher who has more experience. Schools can save their costs. Furthermore, experience means more salary and better chances for promotion as well. 

If you don’t have any experience, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a teaching job in China. Experience is not a necessary condition for the recruitment of kindergartens or primary schools. Teaching English in kindergartens doesn’t require high professional knowledge. As an ESL teacher in kindergartens, before you begin a class, schools will have a free training for you and make sure you understand Chinese education systems and student’s character. When you teach children in a kindergarten, usually the knowledge you teach is very easy— alphabet, Basic English. English dialogue you need to teach when you are 2 years old you know it well. Making the children enjoy the class is the most important when teaching. When they are all happy and like you, you become a good teacher. Teaching in a primary school or middle school is the same. To be an ESL teacher in China, you need to know about Chinese student’s character, you need patience; you need to be responsible and enthusiastic. Love what you do, love what you choose. When you get more experiences you can earn more.

4: Native speaker

Teaching English in China, a native speaker or near native speaker is preferred. You have more opportunities and get higher salary, even though; there is a lot of competition. However, If you can speak oral English very well and have a good accent, you can find a teaching job in China even if you are not a native speaker. 


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