Many expats wonder what they can get from teaching in china and what problems they will encounter. Teaching at home or teaching in china? Which will be the best choice? Obviously, coming to China can have a positive impact on an expat's career. It will make the path for your education career.

To a certain degree, this is true. Teaching in China is never likely to harm a fledgling career and can help teachers to acquire vital skills to aid their development.

Teaching at home

Many expats who come to China to teach English find themselves catching the bug and considering taking up teaching as a profession in their home country. These are more likely to be teachers working in state schools with children of various ages.However, if I were to generalize, I would argue that whilst teaching in China might not help to start or create a teaching career at home too much, it can certainly help fledgling teachers develop important skills for professional development.


ESL as a career

ESL teaching in China is very popular.

China is the largest and fastest growing ESL market in the world. This, obviously, means there are plenty of jobs on offer. However, with those jobs come their own challenges – larger class sizes, overly demanding students, difference in student ability.

Because of this, experience in China is valued by many ESL employers around the world. The one footnote to this is that any teachers looking to use China as a stepping stone need to understand that, because the demand in China is so high, employer’s requirements are often high. A bachelor degree – and a CELTA, TEFL or TESOL is required, in addition, you must have your own teaching style.

Although there is a lot of competition, you also have a chance to find a suitable teaching job in China. You can get started by contacting Find Work Abroad they are excellent agency to help you find work in China.


Difference English level between students
�? Shanghai and Guangzhou attracting so much foreign investment, there are also now many more Chinese at the other end of the scale.

This means that teachers must develop the skills to deal with both poles of ability.


Develop strong feedback techniques
develop strong feedback techniques to help them point out mistakes without damaging student morale.

You should understand the difference between Chinese culture and your country’s


Know their demands

Learning English is a pursuit that draws in multitudes of people for a variety of reasons. As a result, instructors are faced with the daunting task of managing students' high and often outlandish expectations - they crave English expertise and they want it right away!

But that's not all. In China, a society steeped in a 5,000-year-old heritage of academic learning, there exist certain customs and practices that can impede progress in acquiring new proficiencies. It falls upon teachers to help students break these detrimental habits.
These include the idea of mianzi mentioned above as well as their wrong way to learn a language. Teachers here need to develop skills to help break these bad habits and push their students in directions that can help their language learning.

While teaching in China may not lead directly to a job back home, there is no doubt that teaching experience in China will benefit greatly those who choose to pursue the profession. Remaining realistic about what a career in education will require, and staying mindful of the things we’ve discussed that can be beneficial to a teacher so as to better develop them and take advantage of the experience, will mean that when time comes to take the leap and enter into education back home you’ll be primed for success.




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