1. One thing that makes this region so unique is its economic growth. The Shenzhen-Zhongshan bridge has reduced travel time from 4-6 hours to just 30 minutes, making it easier than ever to access the booming cities of Guangdong Province. According to a report by Nomura Securities, the province is expected to have an economic output that rivals the UK's by 2025 (1). This means there will be a high demand for English teachers as more and more businesses look to expand globally.
2. Another benefit of this region is its rich cultural heritage. The Shenzhen-Zhongshan bridge connects two cities steeped in history, allowing you to explore ancient temples, try authentic Cantonese cuisine, and even take a trip to the iconic Window of the World theme park. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," so why not immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin while teaching English? You might just find yourself saying "" (nǐ hǎo) instead of "hello"!
3. But let's talk turkey – or should I say, Renminbi. The cost of living in this region is relatively low compared to other parts of the world. This means you can enjoy a high standard of living while saving money or paying off student loans. According to expatistan.com, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Shenzhen city center averages around ¥6,000 per month (2). That's less than $900 USD!
4. And then there's the food – oh, the glorious food! From Cantonese dim sum to spicy Sichuan hot pot, your taste buds will never be bored. Just remember, when eating with locals, it's customary to finish a meal by saying "chi le" (I've eaten). Don't worry if you accidentally slurp a noodle too loudly – it's all part of the fun!
5. But let's not forget about the tech. This region is home to some of the world's most innovative companies, including Tencent and Huawei. In fact, Shenzhen has been dubbed "China's Silicon Valley" (3). Who knows – you might just find yourself working for a company that changes the face of technology!
Gapmarks - https://Gapmarks.com. With their 60-second viral video generator, you can reach potential students in no time. Imagine being able to show off your teaching skills and sense of humor with a funny skit – all while showcasing the beauty of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan bridge!

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