Apply a working visa to teach English in China can be a little complicated. Here is some help and the full procedure for getting your working visa in China

1: Pre-requisites

Make sure you have a BA degree and you’re a native speaker with passport from (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa or Ireland) 

2: Documentation required to send to the school after passing an interview

After passing an interview, you should prepare your CV (showing 2 years of consecutive work experience, preferably in teaching but not essential), BA copy, passport copy (with at least 18 months validity left), 4x passport photos and recent medical check (from your GP or hospital, note you must use the form provided :  this must be stamped and signed, Note, if it’s not stamped it will take longer to process). The school will help you to apply after you send these documents to them via email.

3: How to prepare your documents (Photos, Medical check, BA Degree, TEFL)

You can go to the nearest hospital to have a checkup. It usually takes you two days. The photos required recent 2 inch blue photos. Photocopy your BA and TEFL certification. If you don’t have a TEFL, you can get it online easily. A online 60 hours TEFL usually takes you 2-3 days to get it; 120 hours online TEFL will take you 3-5 days. You can click this to know more details: 

4: How long should you wait after sending the documents to the school?

In most cases after you send all required documents to your school, you usually need to wait 30 days. The school can take 1-2 weeks to get back to you if there are any problems, so we advise patience. Once completed, the school will send you an invitation letter.

5: After the school sends the invitation letter to you what do you do?

After the school sends the invitation letter to you, you go to the nearest The Chinese Embassy with your invitation and get your 1 month entry working visa. Please check online for the nearest Chinese embassy to you, they will usually have a website to complete the application online, in the most countries you can use: to apply for your visa online.

6: Entering China and giving your passport to your employer

After you get the 1 month working visa, you can prepare and come to China. The 1 month working visa is a transient visa and you need to give your passport and required documents to your school after arriving in China, then they will go to the entry exit bureau in the city in China to apply a 1-year residency visa for you. This process will take you 3-4 weeks. Again please be patient and don’t make any immediate travel plans as you won’t have your passport for the first month in China.


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- Target Audience: Schools and educational institutions in China seeking qualified teachers

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