As a teacher, regularly updating your resume is always useful, even if you’re not currently job hunting. It will help you to keep track of your achievements, and if an exciting teaching opportunity comes, you’ll be ready to apply. The most important point to remember is that a teaching resume is marketing you to a potential employer. It’s not simply pages of employment history. You’re a teacher after all, so it goes without saying that excellent command of language will be expected.

In the coming year, institutions in China will be on the hunt for only the brightest teachers, and competition is getting tougher. Here is our advice on how to upgrade your resume to stand out and help you to find a teaching job in China easier.

Concentrate on key skills

A good teacher resume should represent why they’re great at teaching and why they’re the most suitable person for the position. This means that skills should be the main focus and continue to be referred to throughout. If you’re applying for a specific role, ensure you include the key attributes the job requires. For example, if an employer would like to hire a music teacher and will ask for candidates with excellent in play music and skills about teaching music. Make sure you clearly state your ability to play music as far to the top of your resume as possible.

Emphasize your accomplishments

Resumes can be easily updated by adding more depth to role descriptions. Employers are looking to see what you have achieved so far as a teacher, not a long list of your classroom duties - they’re aware of what teaching involves! Rather than simply stating that you taught science to high school students and demonstrated experiments, explain how you inspired your pupils to engage with difficult topics or assisted a challenging class to reach their targets and how you help students improve their learning skills with your own efficient teaching skills.

Have international appeal

When applying for a teaching job in China, make sure your resume is in a standardized, international format. In China, they usually use Microsoft Word. Read how to write a basic resume when finding a job in China: If a resume is presented in a familiar way, a prospective employer will find it easier to read and navigate, making them more likely to take notice.

Keep it short and sweet

A new teaching position means another paragraph on your resume. However, in general a resume should never be more than two pages long, and this rule still stands even if a candidate has several years of experience. If you are highly experienced, just make sure your resume includes your latest experience and have something in common with the job you're applying for.

Get it proofread

A teacher resume littered with spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar is not going to make a good impression. It’s likely you’ve read through your resume hundreds of times checking for errors, but sometimes this is counterproductive. Computer spell checks don’t always pick up on names, places or grammar. Ask a friend or family member to read it over for you. They may spot mistakes you’ve missed or have advice on how to improve the overall flow and tone. 

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