The best roof bars in Guangzhou, the warm climate and a large number of high-rise buildings offers three excellent roof bars in Guangzhou. Most of them are located in the centre of the city. They can see the open horizon, the landmark buildings of Guangzhou, the scenery of the Guangzhou Tower, and the bright lights at night, just like the stars in the night sky. Standing at the top floor, overlooking the world, holding a glass of wine in hand, slowly savouring and enjoying this unique beauty, life at its best. So, which are the best rooftop bars in Guangzhou?

1. Four Seasons Guangzhou Rooftop Bar

Four Seasons Guangzhou rooftop bar, you can enjoy the charming river scenery and feel the rich modern urban atmosphere. The rooftop bar is located on the 99th floor, with a crystal bar and elegant and concise furniture reflect each other, creating a fashionable and agile atmosphere. Taste creative cocktails on a starry moonlit night, accompanied by beautiful melodies, indulge in the city night scene of light and shadow. Tianba has a unique design of the air sightseeing stairs, you can enjoy the elegance of walking in the clouds. You must not miss the champagne cocktail of Four seasons Guangzhou Rooftop bar. The rich sweet and sour taste and delicate foam drive away the weariness of the day and open the pleasant rhythm from the clouds.

2. The Park Hyatt Hotel Rooftop Garden Bar

Located on the 70th floor of the Park Hyatt Guangzhou, the rooftop garden bar is the highest terrace bar in Guangzhou, with beautiful views of Zhujiang New Town and the pearl river in Chigang.

The most distinctive feature of bar is the location of the 70-storey outdoor bar. The Guangzhou tower and IFC are next to each other in full view from the Hyatt rooftop bar. It offers a selection of wines and whiskies, as well as special cocktails for your taste preferences, as well as exquisite snacks. The band regularly performs live, which is very suitable for friends to meet and chat.

3. Mercato Terrace Restaurant And Bar

Mercoto Terrace Restaurant and Bar is located on the eighth floor of K11 Shopping and Art Mall. The terrace is a special bar. The interior is a restaurant. The night scenery outside the terrace of the bar is very charming and the music atmosphere is very comfortable. Guangzhou Mercato continues the design spirit of Mercato brand "Farm Fashion" and the concept of "From Farm To Table" dishes. It combines the best Italian raw materials with the latest fresh seasonal dishes, so that guests can share delicious food in a relaxed and friendly environment and experience a unique and natural and dynamic dining experience.

Sitting around the pizza bar area, you can enjoy the delicious pizza freshly produced in the Italian log oven. This wonderful sensory experience is wonderful and colourful.

Mercato Bar is an original and classic cocktail selected by guests. It is made of the best Italian spirits and the freshest fruits and vanilla. It also offers a variety of top Italian world-class wines.

In addition, outside the bar in the dining room, there is also a special viewing bar and sofa seat on the terrace, which can enjoy the small gathering time while viewing the scenery of Yangcheng.

If you come to Guangzhou or work in Guangzhou, you really can't miss these three rooftop bars. It's also one of life's pleasures to come to the roof bar with friends during the holidays, chat, recount the past and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.


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