China is vast and weather conditions vary from city to city. Understanding the weather  across different cities in China is very useful to know before you come to China. Generally speaking, regions in China are divided into six parts which are: Northeast, Northwest, North, Southeast, Southwest, and South of China. 

Northeast China

Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jilin province are located in the Northeast of China; the latitude is high, therefore, the temperature can reach -25 degrees in winter. It is as cold as North America.

Sometimes it will snow for around 2 weeks every winter. However, there is also moderate rainfall and it is not very hot in summer. Average temperature is 20-25 degrees celcius. 

North China

North of China usually refers to Beijing city and the cities which are near Beijing. Throughout the spring months temperatures in Beijing rise quickly day to day. They also vary greatly (around 12 C-14 C) between day and night. Spring in the North of China can  rain regularly. Summer is hot and the highest temperature can be reach 40 C sometimes briefly around 100 F. Autumn is perhaps the most attractive season in Beijing, when there is plenty of sunshine and temperatures are not so high or low. During winter in Beijing it snows and the temperature is low.

Southeast China

When we talk about Southeast of China, we generally refer to the international city of Shanghai, which has a long humid summer, a short winter and a moderate but chilly spring and fall. Summer temperatures can be very high and hot. In June the temperature is 41 C. Winter in Shanghai is not so cold due to it's location near the sea and sometimes it will snow a little.

South China

The south has hot, humid summers that last from April to November with temperatures in the high 37 C (90’s F) and sometimes even higher. There are lots of torrential rainfalls, with water rising up above the curb on the streets sometimes within a short hour. Spring and fall are pleasant with temperatures in the low 70s F, and evenings can be damp and chilly in Guangzhou. However, spring and fall are almost un-detected as these months are over within just 1 month.

Southwest China

The well-known cities in Southwest of China include Yunnan province and Tibet. Tibet has a high altitude so the winter here is very cold, and you can see snow covered all over the mountains. Besides winter, seasons in Tibet range in temperature from 12 to 20 degrees during the day. At night, the temperature can drop rapidly and violently.

The weather in Kunming, Lijiang and Dali usually is warm all year round.  


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