Many foreigners don’t realize how important a TEFL or TESOL certificate can be; today we will let you know more details about TEFL or TESOL certificate and is it worth it to get one?

The benefits of a 60hour TEFL

Without a doubt, a 60 hour TEFL is important if you are looking for a teaching job in China because it is a qualification you will require to get your working visa in China even if you’re a native and hold a BA degree. This is the first step to get a working visa. For those people who hold a BA in education a TEFL is not required to get their working visa. On the other hand, holding a 60 hour TEFL will give you more chances to get a better job and higher salary. Many institutions and schools in China require at least a 60 hour TEFL. An On line TEFL is acceptable and it is easy to get one. It takes you 2-3 days and you can apply it anywhere and anytime. Click here to get more details:

Why get a 120 hour TEFL

Teaching English in Beijing and Shanghai in China requires a 120 hour TEFL to get a working visa and many international schools demand a minimum of 120 hour TEFL( with real teaching experience). Of course you will get more opportunities to find a teaching job and get higher salary and bonus. 120 hour TEFL is widely use in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. 

TESOL course

Choosing a TESOL course usually takes you more time and money. However, it offers you a lot more. You can gain teaching experience and skills no matter where you’re going to teach, it is very good for your teaching career. You can choose better schools; get more money and many kinds of benefits which schools will give.  

Online or in class course, recommendations and help

1: For native speakers who hold a BA, you need to have at least 60hour online TEFL

2: For native speakers and hold a BA in education and would like to teach in Shanghai and Beijing, we recommend having at least a 120 hours TEFL in class course.

3: For non-native speakers who have a BA, we strongly recommend to get a TESOL or a 120hour TEFL in class course

4: For non-native speakers who don’t have a BA, you’d better get a longer and better TESOL or CELTA.

These recommendations all depend on the Chinese teaching job market. If you want  to teach in better schools and get higher salary, holding a TEFL/TESOL is recommended.   



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