In Recent years many expats have come to China to teach English. Why are so many people choosing China as their destination? Let's find out the reasons. 

First: diverse teaching opportunities.

At present, China is one of the fast-growing countries in the world, along with fast economic development; the use of English has become very widespread. In China from kindergarten to junior high school to university, English is a compulsory course. Therefore, teaching in China can be easy for expats to begin their career.  Moreover jobs are plentiful and well-paid.

Second: Learning Chinese and experiencing the Culture 

China has a history of five thousand years of civilization, with more than fifty-six different nationalities and fifty-six dialects. Each city has different culture and customs. Teaching English in China one of the biggest benefits is that you can learn about different local cultures as well as the Chinese language. Ethnic minorities of China are unique in the world;  understanding and feeling the culture first hand when you teach English in China, offers a fantastic opportunity to fully understand Chinese culture.

Third: Traveling and eating authentic Chinese food 

China is vast and has many beautiful tourist attractions as well as authentic cuisine. Many foreigners come to China to teach English for the purpose of exploring Chinese attractions- Beijing Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven; Kunming, Hangzhou and Guilin's beautiful natural scenery, some of our worlds most fascinating and beautiful destinations. Teaching English in China, your experience becomes extraordinary. Similarly, China also offers a lot of authentic cuisine to attract foreigners come to China to teach English. I have an American friend; he really loves the flavor of Hot Pot when he traveled to China the first time. To be able to enjoy authentic Sichuan hot pot, he applied for a teaching job in Chengdu. He tells me the most exciting experience teaching English in China is that he can travel to different cities and meet different people and make friends with them. 

Salary and benefits

For many expats, coming to China to teach English wish to enhance their experience, to enjoy a more interesting way of life. Wages for them may not be the most important. But teaching English in China, in addition to the above when talking about the benefits, is possible to receive a high income. Teaching English in China in tier-one cities, the monthly income can range from 12000rmb-20,000rmb, second-tier and third- tier cities  generally offer between 6000rmb-10000rmb, and nearly always include free acommodation. With super low living costs tier 2 and tier 3 cities are highly recommended. In Tier 1 cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai accommodation is not usually offered although an allowance is usually offered to pay the majority of accommodation costs. In most contacts after one year, schools offer full flight ticket reimbursement.

How to find a reputable school when teaching English in China

If you have some home friends who teaching English in China now or have been teaching in China before, ask them for some useful information. If you don’t have any friends teaching in China, we recommend that you can find a reputable recruitment agency for help.  “Find Work Abroad” is a reliable one which you can ask for useful advice. 


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