Use of COVID-19 vaccines follows strict requirements, procedures: HKSAR gov't

Hong Kong, January 14 (Xinhua): A spokesman for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR), said on Thursday that Vaccines Covid-19 used in Hong Kong must Satisfying the relevant requirements and procedures, and obtain emergency use approval in accordance with the prevention and control of regulation (use of vaccines), with a view to guaranteeing the safety, efficiency and quality of vaccines.

The Government of HSAR made the statement after noticing the various opinions expressed by different people about the effectiveness and administration of Vaccines COVID-19.

In accordance with the prevention and control of the regulation of the disease (use of vaccines), the Secretary of Food and Health of the Government of H tar, under the State Public health emergency, authorize the use of Vaccines COVID-19 that meet the safety, efficiency and quality criteria for the vaccination program. AMS made by the Government of HKSAR.

The Regulation also specifies the conditions and procedures that the manufacturer of the vaccine or its representative, importer or wholesale distributor must continue to send the request for looking for the Authorization for Emergency Use. In particular, the applicant must present the clinical data of phase 3 of the vaccine in question, authorization abroad obtained and other relevant information for the safety, efficiency and quality of the vaccine.

The advisory panel designated by the Executive Director under the Regulation will examine the information of the relevant vaccine and will provide a clear recommendation to the Government of HKSAR. The Secretary of Food and Health will consider the Council of the Advisory Panel before authorizing a vaccine for the use of emergency.

The Government of HSAR will endeavor by the early supply of vaccines to Hong Kong. It will also ensure that vaccines in question meet the requirements of safety, efficiency and quality, and obtain approval of emergency use in accordance with the relevant requirements and procedures of regulation, before providing vaccination for members of the public, The spokesman said.

The HUNAR Government Health Department is actively following vaccine manufacturers who have reached acquisition agreements with the Government of H tar, in order to obtain the Relevant data for evaluation and approval as soon as possible, the spokesman said.

To improve the confidence of the public in vaccines, the work of the HKSAR government in the administration of the vaccine will be based on scientific evidence and adhere to the principles of Opening and transparency, said the spokesman.

The HKSAR Government will provide the members of the public with the most recent information about V Accept through different channels in a timely manner, and reveal the opinions of the experts on Vaccines, so that the public can obtain correct and comprehensive information, the spokesman said.

Before the formal data and the opinions of the experts on the individual vaccine are available, the HSAR government urged the public to carefully determine the online information about vaccines and not believe in unknown rumors.

The Executive Director of HKSAR Carrie Lam had said previously that Hong Kong has established a legal framework for the urgent use of vaccines and establish an expert advisory committee under virtue of the legal framework to initiate the accreditation of the three vaccines that Hong Kong has acquired. One of the vaccines will come to Hong Kong around January, the other can arrive in the first quarter, and the third will arrive during the second half of the year. EndItem

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