Nowadays many companies use Skype for an interview to teach English in China, So how can you perform your best with an online interview?You don't need to take a plane to another country, just for an interview. You can interview in your home to prepare the interview. Skype interview is different from both in-person and phone interviews. Here are some tips to help you be successful in a Skype interview 

1) Imitate an interview with your friends 

Video practice with a friend, pay attention to what you look like in the camera. Good light is very important. Also check your posture at the same time. Usually, sitting opposite the camera position is not liked. Try to let your body slightly to the left or the right, and then turned to face the camera. It is also a professional photographer will let his customers to do. Make sure your computer works very well, turn off downloads and any streaming content and check your webcam is in the correct light. During your imitating time, if there are any unclear things, correct it immediately. Prepare some questions the interviewer may ask, and answer it as professionally as you can.

2) Make sure you can use Skype well

In the beginning you want to make sure you can use Skype before the interview. Familiarize yourself with features such as sharing links, files and photos, of course you will sending instant messages. Even if you think you already know the application of Skype, but free video dialogue services often will update its software. Be sure no accidents happen during your interview.

3) Dress well

Some people would dress causal and think that it is no use dressing so professional at home. Anyway, the interviewer can’t see your trousers. This idea is wrong. There is a saying “clothes make the man” when you dress well, your mind will tell you the interview is important and you can perform it well. It will help you feel confident in front of the interviewer and give a good impression to the interviewer. Meanwhile, wearing some good clothes can show the color of your skin bright and makes you look younger. The Interviewer will very appreciate your appearance and will notice if you’re wearing a t-shirt or a shirt!

4) Look at the camera, not the screen.

It is very tempting to watch yourself or your interviewer during a Skype session, but looking directly at the video camera is the only way to maintain direct eye contact with your interviewer. It may show disrespect if you look around. Don’t forget smiling when you look at the camera.

5) Close other programs on your computer

Getting Face book notifications during your interview is distracting and unprofessional. Before your interview, make sure all other windows on your computer are closed (especially if they make noise).

6)  Prepare your surroundings

First, you don’t need to make your room splendid, just make sure your work area is tidy. Take away all the clutter, and don't forget to reduce the noise. No matter how busy you are or your family may ask for help, make sure you won’t disturb by anyone during interview session. Close any windows and ensure your microphone is not next to any speakers or your mobile phone to reduce noise.

7)  Watch your body language

Not all physical cues translate from in-person interviews to Skype interviews, which make the ones that do even more important. Be sure to have good posture and relax your shoulders to avoid stiffness. Put your hands in the place where interviewer can see.

8)  Keep your voice clear

It is very important that the interviewer can hear you clearly. Buy a USB headset, because in-built microphones often give a person a bad experience. Avoid “can you hear me” often. Make sure you can both hear and be heard without difficulty

9. Keep your profile professional

Unlike an in-person or phone interview, your first impression during a Skype interview doesn't actually involve you. The first thing your interviewer will see is your Skype username and picture, so double check that they are both interview appropriate (or create a professional Skype account — after all, they're free!)


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