Egyptian FM, UN coordinator for Mideast peace process discuss Palestinian cause

Cairo, February 15 (Xinhua) - Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry and the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, discussed the Monday the Palestinian cause.

During a telephone conversation, Shoukry wished Wennesland a fruitful mission and expressed the aspiration that his efforts will be successfully crowned in the progress of the peace process in the next Next cooperation period with all interested parties, said the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Shoukry described the Egyptian efforts exerted during the recent period to create an environment conducive to the re-causing the Palestinian and Israeli sides on the negotiating route, as well as Intensification of consultations with regional and international partners, according to the statement.

The Egyptian minister reaffirmed Egypt. Firm position on the Palestinian cause and support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, Wennesland expressed the aspiration of him to work in coordination with Cairo to achieve the required progress. In the peace process during the next period.

The UN coordinator also highlighted the importance of Egypt's role in reaching a viable, just and complete solution to the Palestinian cause and bringing the desired peace in the Region, the declaration was said.

He also expressed his gratitude for the continued efforts of Egypt aimed at converging Palestinian opinions and achieving national reconciliation.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has stagnated since 2014, after the rounds of the United States sponsored conversations ended up without any progress. EndItem

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