Farmers enjoy life via basketball games after shaking off poverty

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Yinchuan, March 17 (Xinhua) - After leading your village team to the second Place in a basketball tournament held at a market in the Hongsipu district, in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of Northst China, 27, Mu Tianzhi flew back to his workplace in Xinjiang, more than 2,000 km from Distance, during the night.

"I drive a tower crane at a construction site in Xinjiang, and it was the basketball game that attracted me to fly a week ago," said Mu, who He has played basketball since childhood and took his companions. To compete in games at the village level for five years.

"Some call me crazy, but I do not think so. I love basketball and anyway, I helped me the people defend their honor," said Mu.

He still remembers the exciting cheers of the great crowd during the game of five days, which caused the market much more busy than usual. , And the viewer seats. In Dusty Square, he had never been so precious for the fans of nearby towns.

MU parent, also a basketball fan, is located seven kilometers from Hongsipu. He waited in the first row for the game every day, two hours before Tyff, and then stuck to the seat throughout the day.

"Other fans had to eat or drink less to keep their seats, but my father was lucky to have me to catch him," said Mu.

Many basketball lovers drove from afar to Hongsipu to see the game, including Mu's father-in-law, which led to more than 200 km to encourage him.

Hongsipu is China's largest settlement area for 230,000 people moved from the Xihafigu de Ningxia area, which was Labelled as "the most not suitable for human settlement" by the United Nations in the 1970s, due to the recovery of land, drought and fragile ecological environments.

Benefit of the China National Campaign against poverty, XihaiFued offer Extreme poverty in November 2020, and people in Hongsipu live a better life now, With basketball as your favorite sport.

Yang Hucheng, the sponsor of the village level the game, is one of the immigrants, as well as a basketball lover. In the memory of him, the villagers were too poor to entertain guests to have to go to the door, the eggs rendered by a meal before relocation. However, they could always find fun at the Basketball Stands made themselves.

"Now we take poverty, our passion for basketball becomes even stronger," Yang said, adding that the game had attracted 21 teams of five counties and Nearby districts, with a daily number of speculators of more than 10,000.

According to Yang, the people's level The tournament has attracted more than 100,000 yuan of 20 sponsors, including owners of grocery stores and local restaurants, which, in exchange , they benefited more than the game. "This is definitely the charm of sports," Yang added.

Yang Hulin, running a restaurant next to the market, was more than satisfied with the billing of more than 100,000 yuan within a week, after Sponsor 20,000 yuan.

"I know little about the sports industry, but I started loving basketball," he said. "I really hope that such games can be sustained more often, so you can earn more." Enditem follow by on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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