Lewis Hamilton takes the 100th Post of the race at the Spanish Grand Prize

Lewis Hamilton took a positive pole of 100th race by knocking down Red Bull's Max Verstappen in the classification at the Spanish Grand Prize.

The Mercedes de Hamilton was only 0.036 seconds faster than Versetappen, I had in turn 0.096 seconds before The second Mercedes de Valtteri Bottas.

Ferrari Charles Leclerc took one of his stellar returns brand in his last race to take the room From the Eco Esteban de Alpine n.

Carlos Sainz de Ferrari was sixth ahead of Daniel Ricciardo de McLaren.

The second Red Bull of Sergio Pérez took the eighth, almost 0.8Secs to the Verstappen drift, with the Norris side of McLaren and the Fernando Alonso de Alpine completing the top 10.

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  • How Hamilton affirmed his 100th career pole

    ton-up for Brilliant Hamilton

    Verstappen had looked at man to beat the final part of qualifying after establishing an impressive rule in the second elimination session.

    was 0.5sec s clear of the Mercedes in his first race and did not bother to leave for a second, And even for what Mercedes drivers could only reach 0.2 seconds of him.

    But things turned around in the final part of the session and Hamilton took him out of the bag.

    "P3 Look really well, we've been strong all weekend," he said. "I did some changes, I had a bit of anxiety for the changes we were doing, we always try to make them better, but it's a bit of bet, it was my call at the end.

    " We made this change and as soon as I left. It was immediately: 'This is the wrong way. That's why I was behind all the way through the classification.

    "I was making changes all the way to try to raise the rhythm.

    " I can not believe that we are at 100. It is to men and women back at the factory that continue to increase the bar and never surrender. It has been a dream to work on these guys. Who would have thought when I did the movement at the end of 2012 that we would reach 100? I am ecstatic, as if it were my first.

    " I was making small adjustments within what we are able to change so that the car turns and then it is just close all. It was my cleanest turn. I will always remember that. " See more on Twitter

    Verstappen said:" Both Lamps We

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