I'm carried away in style as region sweeps me off my feet
Reporter Jocelyn Eikenburg (center) Posa with Nuryam Ruzi (right), owner of a family house at Agexiang Village, and a neighbor. China Daily

literally took me away when a wide young man wearing a red velvet jacket with gold, complete with a matching dooppa hat, picked me up in his arms and loaded through a door tagged "suite bridal".

We had almost completed a recreation of an authentic Uygur wedding at Xiangfei Park in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

I did the "bride" unlikely, dressed in colorful attire. To rival boyfriend, a lace white shawl and a red vest that fell to my knees, and a long flower skirt hanging over my blue jeans.

Raising my hand in response to a call to a call to the participation of the audience, I do not know that I had just registered in a very public lesson in Uygur Dance, as well as the opportunity to bounce in the air While I was sitting on a carpet?

Despite my red-red cheeks, the collective look of a captive audience, and with a husband more than 3,000 kilometers away in Beijing still to learn from my adventure, a smile played through my face all the time.

Although it was just an acting, the experience in my mind was symbolic of all my trip to Xinjiang, a region that dragged me with his hospitality, and let me feel a sense of camaraderie with many people I met.

A brilliant parade of summer flowers flourished along the winding road through the village of Kashgar that took me to the house of Aliya Imam, 23, which runs a family house with the family of he.

Together with my colleagues, they invited me to a long table full of height with many of the delights of the region, from the home Nang bread to the crunchy nuts and the slices of juicy watermelons.

However, it was the conversation I had with Aliya, a soft spoken woman with a cherub face, which touched me the most. She's eyes shone while she was talking about the joy of being able to work from home so she could take care of her baby. Sitting almost shoulder to her shoulder with her in the corner of the room, I felt as if I was connecting with an old friend.

Agexiang Village, which is located along the Scenic Road Dushanzi-Kuqa, before I had surprised me with its mountain views, reminiscent of my favorite national parks in the United States, but it was Nuryam Ruzi, 49, which left the impression deeper.

her face wrinkled into a cordial smile when I entered her playground. She immediately guided one of the cushions that surrounded a table full of local specialties, giving me a slice of steamed pumpkin, its tasting flavor richer than anyone who has tried before.

although we could only communicate through it the neighboring tangerine, Nuryam threw my hand in such a worrying way, with the kindness of a close relative, who could understand why so many guests are full of praise For your family home in online reviews.

But I forged the nearest link with Ding Guifeng, 54, head of Urumqi Itai Hospital. We spent at least 30 minutes discussing the work of him before they fired me and my colleagues at the entrance of the hospital.

"Thank you, Ding Yuanzhang," I said, offering a handshake and using a formal term of direction in deference to the leadership position of it. To my surprise, she gave me a hug, saying: "No, please, call me sister."

I took a little more embrace, as if all the heat I felt in the region was contained. In her arms. At that time, I knew I had found family. Jocelyn Eikenburg

Beijing,  Xinjiang, 

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