Exquisite Dazu rock carvings on display at National Museum of China

Beijing, September 20 (Xinhua): A special exhibition that offers precious carvings from Dazu Rock was opened at the National Museum of China.

Titled "Notable and elegant: Special Exhibition of Dazu Rock Tallings," The exhibition is the centralized view of 82 pieces of fine collections of the Dazu Rock Tallings Museum in the city Central Chongqing.

About a hundred photographs and Multiple video clips that offer visitors A panoramic view of this glamorous art has also been put on display at the exhibition.

The exposure is configured to last two months. In addition to showing art and its history, it also offers glimpses of the result of preservation and heritage works in recent years.

Dazu Rock Tallings originated from Sichuan and Chongqing regions in ancient China. In 1999, the sizes were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural heritage site. EndItem

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