Fact sheet on US interference in Hong Kong affairs strong response, wake-up call to US: Commissioner's office

Hong Kong: The Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR), said on Friday that a fact sheet on US interference. UU in Hong's affairs Kong published by China's Foreign Ministry is a strong response to the acts of intimidation of the United States, such as the so-called "Hong Kong business advisor" and its sanctions on central government officials at Hupon.

"is a firm counterattack for the violation of the United States of Basic Government Relations, Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and China's internal affairs and attempts to damage prosperity and stability of Hong Kong Over the years, "said an office spokesman, adding" It is also a solid warning for all external and anti-China forces and destabilizing forces in Hong Kong. "

The fact sheet demonstrates the determination of the impulse of the Ironclad of China, the strength of will and the ability to defend the interests of sovereignty, security and national development, and to safeguard the P Hong Kong. Rosperity and stability, said the spokesman.

The spokesman stressed that the list is a "criminal record" of the United States that interferes with Hong Kong matters and the internal affairs of China and undermining the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong from Chaos 2019 in Hong Kong.

The United States enacted acts related to Hong Kong and China's politics viliped over Hong Kong; Imposed sanctions in an attempt to obstruct the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong and relevant decisions of the National Congress of China; and leveled unfounded charges against HKSAR affairs and law enforcement actions taken by Hong Kong's police in an attempt to undermine the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

The United States protects and supported China's opposing and trying to destabilize Hong Kong, provided platforms to advocate for the so-called "Hong Kong Independence" and disinfected political disinformation, and justified the Acts of the breaks of the pilots when they twist the facts and deceive the public. They were placed with some countries to exert pressure, and were associated with allies to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs and make irresponsible comments by the media as joint statements, the spokesman added.

The spokesman said the list has been uncovered. The media and malicious motifs of the United States in interfering into Hong Kong affairs. "The facts have repeatedly demonstrated that the United States are the main guilty to undermine the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. The details of Ironclad on the fact sheet are an irrefutable proof," said the spokesman.

The spokesman declared that the list is an "alarm call" to the external forces that try to interfere in China's internal affairs and hoard the development of China.

The list makes it clear to the world that sovereignty, the safety and development interests of China will not be challenged. , China's resolution to fully and faithfully implement the principle of "a country, two systems" is out of place, and the Hong Kong Unit, harmony and stability should not be undermined.

"Chinese never blindly blind coercion, intimidation or pressure, and we can see through all tricks to damage 'a country, two systems' and prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. No one should underestimate the Fortress of the Chinese to safeguard our national dignity and the legitimate RI. GHTS and interests, "said the spokesman. "All movements to play 'Hong Kong card' to contain China's development will prove to be in vain."

The spokesman pointed out that with the implementation of the National Security Law in HSAR and the improvement of the Hong Kong electoral system, Hong Kong is in a new historical journey from chaos to stability, Prosperity and solid governance.

"The trend of time is moved as a powerful river. It is our option to go and prosper, or go against him and perish. The United States should abandon his obsolete mentality of 'sum zero' and her chop.


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