Mr. GOXX, The Crypto-Trading Hamster surpassing human investors

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Like many people, Mr. Goxx is ventured into cryptomoneza, hoping to hit him rich.

is notable for two reasons: first, he is gaining money, with his career performance for life up to 20%, surpassing many merchants and professional funds .

second, Mr. GOXX is a hamster.

The business mentality rodent has a commercial office attached to the regular cage. Every day, when he enters the office, a livestream begins on Twitch, and the Twitter account of him allows him to know followers: Mr. GOXX has initiated a negotiation session.

executing it in the "wheel of intent", it selects what cryptocurrency would like to trade, since the wheel rotates through the different options. The office floor of him has two tunnels nearby: one to buy, one to sell.

Each time he runs through a tunnel, the electronics connected to the office of him complete a trade in agreement with the wishes of Mr. Goxx. Image source, CaptionImage GOXX, Mr. GOXX decision wheel and sale tunnels are the core of its operation

Menders behind Frescantier Furry are two men in their 30s, from Germany. \

"It seems that most people of our generation do not see another opportunity to launch many of their savings in the cryptographic market, without having any idea what is going there.

"We were joking about if my hamster could make more intelligent investment decisions than we do human."

The name of Mr. GOXX is a nod of potential disasters of the Crypto market. A company called Mt Gox was once the smallest exchange of cryptography on the planet, until it promised and hundreds of Thousands of Bitcoin stolen, making the company file for bankruptcy.

GOXX Capital

The first month was rough. Mr. Goxx began on June 12 with € 326 (£ 278), putting a request Or for Stellar (XLM). A month and 95 orders later, GOXX capital was reduced by 7.3%.

But as of September 27, the performance of the career of the Intrepid merchant is 19.41%.

It exceeds that not only the return of the main market markets, such as FTSE 100 or Dow Jones, but also the action of the investment company of Supreme Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway, according to the calculations of Crypto News Site Protos.

and even in the Crypto market itself, Mr. Goxx, sometimes, has come out a bit ahead of Bitcoin, the largest of the coins.

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    to be clear , GOXX Capital is not a real investment company, and Mr. Goxx's human partners are interested in stress with each Tweet, should not be taken as investment advice.

    But the duo behind Mr. Gobxx prefers to stay anonymous.

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