Qantas, the Australian airline, is embroiled in a heated row about the risks of COVID Cleaning. A cleaner refused to work after expressing concerns about the cleaning practices on aircraft arriving from China. Safework NSW, a watchdog, has accused Qantas of discriminatory behavior for halting payment to the worker who raised concerns about the exposure of employees to Covid. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by companies as they navigate through the pandemic. It also underscores the need for clear and effective communication between employers and employees to ensure the Safety and well-being of all concerned. In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for businesses to take proactive measures to protect their workers and customers alike.

However, Qantas said that the cleaner was being investigated by "trying to incite the industry without protection IAL action".

A union called the prosecution A "milestone for the health and Safety of work".

Safety Problems

Cleaner Theo SeremeTidis was a chosen representative of health and Safety in Qantas When the Covid pandemic exploded.

last week, he told an Australian question of the Senate that Qantas's security precautions were inadequate: "They gave us cleaning aircraft with only water. No Disinfective for trays, no disinfective at all, "he said.

"PPE was not mandatory despite managers with Hazmat's suits, they did not even provide us masks or disinfectants.

" These Safety problems exposed to workers in Australia and, more widely, to the serious hiring and propagation risks of Cuvid, "he added.

" I was very passionate about security and I wanted to see my colleagues at home home safely every day. " Image source, Twuimage Subtion, Theo Seremetidis with Sally McManus of the Australian Council of unions


Seremenis alleges the concerns raised with the Administration, has not been abandoned and, finally, directed a group of workers to stop working.

"the day that happened, I put myself Edily. The day I was standing was my last day in Qantas.

The Safety regulator of SafeWork NSW workers is processing the airline, alleging the company involved In a discriminatory behavior.

"As the matter is before the court, you can not provide more information at this time," said SafeWork spokesman.

  • Qantas says that Covid to cost billions in lost income
  • Qantas says that all employees must have a Vaccine Covid

    Richard Olsen of the Union of Transport Workers, who submitted the complaint, said:" The prosecution is the first of its kind anywhere in Australia.

    "Qantas stood up, simply for trying to protect himself and his colleagues from Cuvid, and now the company is right-handed, faces criminal charges for doing so of health and Safety to be followed if they have concerns.

    "Qantas supports and encourages our employees to use these employees to use these employees to use them. Mechanisms if they have security problems.

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