Xi stresses China-Russia back-to-back strategic coordination
President Xi Jinping meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing, February 4, 2022. [Photo / Xinhua]

Beijing - President Xi Jining on Friday underlined the commitment between China and Russia to deepen the strategic coordination of Back and defense. International Equity and Justice side by side against the profound and complex changes in the international situation.

XI made the statement while holding the conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing.

The strategic choice, which has powerful impacts in both countries and in the world in general, has never been and will never shake, Xi said.

Xi called on both sides to continue maintaining high. Level exchanges, provide strong support to each other to safeguard the interests of sovereignty, security and development, effectively respond to external interference and regional security threats, and maintain international strategic stability.

Both sides must intensify the coordination and the cooperative Eradication in international matters, and responsibilities of the main countries in matters on global matters of concern, such as the fight against Covid-19, by increasing the economy and facing climate change, Xi said.


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