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Guangzhou very large city (Population 20+ million), located in the south of China, close to Hong Kong and is famous for manufacturing; is also the 4th largest city in China. The Pearl River flows from the top of the Pearl river delta at Guangzhou, and meets the South China Sea with Macau and Hong Kong at the end.

Guangzhou has developed atstronomically fast these recent years and has estabilsheds many excellent relationships with countries all over the world through export. English is extremely important in business, daily life and travel, therefore, there are many teaching jobs available in Guangzhou. As development increases, the cost of living is increasingly higher where salaries increase more or less at the same rate as well. Although, the salaries are comparable to to Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou’s living costs are considerably lower.

Living in Guangzhou is fascinating and attractive with beautiful scenery, such as Guangzhou Tower with gondola style cars circling the 450m roof, Shopping paradises such as Beijing Road and Tai Koo Hui and the business buildings towering into the sky at Zhujiang New Town. To those who prefer western food and lifestyle theres an abundance of locally run western restaurants, bars and clubs on Xingguo Road (Liede metro). Guangzhou's heart is cultrually exciting, alive and combines a wonderful international blend where locals welcome foreigners and foreigners enjoy the Chinese cultures and traditions.


Jobs in Guangzhou

Teaching English in Guangzhou is the first choice for many foreigners, there are many opportunities provided in kindergartens, primary schools, middle/high schools, universities and training centers.In Guangzhou you do not need work experience as there are a number of schools with excellent graduate training programmes to get you into teaching quickly.


Working in Guangzhou

Teaching English in Guangzhou as a full time ESL teacher requires around 3-5 teaching hours per day and weekends are generally off. If you work as a part time teacher, 8-10 hours per week is plenty to earn a high wage. Many experienced teachers will choose to work in a kindergarten as a full time teacher during the day and part time in a training center at night.Where combined salaries regularly top 30,000RMB or 3,000GBP per month after tax.

When working in Guangzhou, a BA degree or higher qualification is preferred; a native speaker is required; non-native speakers with excellent English and good accent is acceptable in increasingly fewer schools; a 120 hour TEFL/TESOL is required; having working experience is preferred but not required. Employer requirements are based on how much they pay you; how many hours you teach per day; If you would like to work in an excellent school, requirements are usually higher, vice versa.


Finding a job in Guangzhou

Online is the best way of getting a teaching job in Guangzhou. The best you can do is to register on our website and apply for jobsGuangzhou">Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;"> Jobs in Guangzhou. We also recommend you register with the Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;">reputable local agency Guangzhou">Find Work AbroadVerdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; orphans: auto; widows: 1;">. They have many jobs, information and many employers post their job openings on their Direct Employers job board. 


Future possibilities

Working in Guangzhou can give you excellent working experience in the future no matter where you go to teach and which country you go to. Guangzhou is an international city and also the schools in Guangzhou are different. After you teach one or two years in Guangzhou, you can easily find a job in other cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing. Many do, however choose to work and live in Guangzhou for the remainder of their time in China.

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