China has reached consensus with South Africa and Cambodia on the situation in Ukraine, since the leaders of the three nations highlighted the need to support Russia and Ukraine to resolve their disputes through dialogue and negotiations.

During a phone call on Friday, President Xi Jinping and South African President Cyril Ramaposa, said the two nations shared very similar positions on the topic of Ukraine and that sovereign nations have rights to decide their positions in an independent way.

The two leaders agreed to support Russia and Ukraine to maintain the impulse of peace talks, which will add that they will intensify dialogue and coordination on the subject.

Xi also spoke on the phone with the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, and the two leaders highlighted the need to defend a balanced and fair position and maintain proactive efforts towards peace and dialogue.

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Image of Foreign trade in China's Shandong ups 13.7 pct in Q1
Foreign trade in China's Shandong ups 13.7 pct in Q1

Jinan, April 18 (Xinhua) - The province of Shandong of East China saw that its foreign trade grows 13.7 percent year with year to 710.7 billion yuan

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