1st LD-Writethru: Second class from China's space station scheduled on March 23

Beijing, March 18 (Xinhua) - China's second conference Tiangong Space Station is scheduled at 3:40 p.m. On March 23, China's manned space agency announced on Friday.

The conference will be given by the astronauts of Shenzhou-13 Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu.

The next conference, the second of the series "Tiangong Class", will also be carried out as a spatial earth talk between the astronaut team in space And young people on Earth, with the aim of turning on their aspirations for science and space.

This time, they will perform various experiments, such as the crystallization of the saturated liquid, the liquid bridge and the separation of water oil in space.

They will also show the difference between throwing objects in space and on the ground, and will show the science facilities of the audience.

The three Chinese astronauts entered the space on board the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft and entered China's space station on October 16, embarking on the Anhes from the country. T-Weever spatial mission.

The next class will be the second by Chinese astronauts of the space station of the country and the third by Chinese space astronauts. EndItem


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