Xi emphasizes shared responsibility at BRICS Summit

BRICS countries, as important emerging markets and the main developing countries, must act with the sense of responsibility to provide positive, stabilizer and constructive strength, President Xi Jinping said Thursday.

XI made the comments while presiding over BRICS's 14th summit through a video link in Beijing. BRICS is a group of countries that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The Summit, entitled "Promotion of a high quality association and the beginning of a new era of global development", occurs as the World faces the continuous propagation of COVID-19, a tortuous world economic recovery and increasingly prominent peace and security problems.

facing formidable and complex circumstances, BRICS countries must speak for equity and justice and jointly encourage the international community to practice true multilateralism, XI said.

stressed the need to reject a mentality of the cold war and a block confrontation, opposes unilateral sanctions and abuse of sanctions and reject small circles built around hegemonism forming a large family in a community with a community A shared future for humanity.

asked to improve international cooperation in COVID-19, group the strength for economic recovery, intensify the coordination of macro policies and maintain industrial and supply chains insured and without clear.

While stressing the need to build an open world economy, XI also emphasized the importance of preventing and deactivating the main risks and challenges in global development and working for more inclusive and resistant economic growth. p Stronger, greener and greener. Healthier global development, "he said.


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